The ultimate travel packing hack and other tips

Best travel hack? Use packing cubes

Travelling for a living might sound like a fantasy, but for this influencer, it’s a part of everyday life.

Small containers that you can use to separate all of the items in your suitcase.

You might have one for your underwear, one for your jumpers, one for your jeans. And then when you come to pack your suitcase, you have these really nice, manageable things to put in there.

Another travel hack is to look at the weather forecast before you go. I do this so that I can plan a small capsule wardrobe, where I know that every top will go with every pair of jeans. Everything’s in a rough colour scheme.

That means I won’t be clashing all the time, and I think that’s really useful – especially if you’re travelling with only a small suitcase or cabin luggage.

10 Packing hacks that will make packing a piece of cake

1. Scan/ photograph all your important documents

Photograph or scan all your important documents and save them on your phone. Do the same with any booking confirmations you might have. If anything should happen, then you‘ll be happy to have a backup solution.

2. Put shower caps on your shoes

Packing shoes can get tricky. No matter how well you wash them, it still feels a bit gross to put them together with your clothes. Completely avoid the “yuck” factor by putting a shower cap around the soles of your shoes. Now you know that your clean clothes will stay clean.

3. Put together a basic first aid kit

Bring with you any medication you might be required to take, as well as some basics. It’s a good idea to have some pain killers, cough drops, stomach pills, and motion sickness tablets. A holiday essential: plasters. Absolute life-savers. Also, don’t forget to pack your preferred contraception method.

4. Get a universal charging station, packing hacks

This is perfect for people who use a lot of gadgets (so, basically all of us) or if you’re traveling with a group. Now no one has to fight overcharging time and you can always have all your gadgets charged at all times

5. Take a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees

At home, this is probably not something you think about, as most cards charge a small transaction fee or none at all. However, when you’re abroad these fees can add up, so check before you leave which card would save you the most money.

6. Cosmetics at a minimum

Another way you might trick yourself into over-packing is by thinking you need a lot of cosmetic products. But you can actually have a good skincare routine with just a few basic things. So be extra strict when packing your cosmetics bag, you’ll save a lot of space for more important things.

7. Keep your valuables in your hand luggage

Keep any gadgets, important documents, or jewelry in your hand luggage. Better safe than sorry

8. Roll your clothes, packing hack

There are a few ways to pack your clothes, but many people swear by rolling their clothes instead of folding them, as this keeps creasing to a minimum.

9. Add a change of clothes to your carry-on

We all hate when it happens, but it happens: your checked-in luggage got lost on the way and won’t be arriving until the next day. Instead of staying in your travel clothes or spending money on buying new ones, make sure you pack some in your carry-on. So if worse comes to worst, you have a backup plan

10. Wear bulky items on the plane

A convenient packing hack, this is a great way to save space in your suitcase. Wear any bulkier items you might need (pullovers, jackets, hoodies, or boots). Now you have extra room for all the souvenirs you will buy on holiday.

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