Top 5 public beaches in Dubai

Located in the northwest region of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, sitting alongside the Arabian gulf, has a lengthy coastline of over 72 km. Therefore, naturally, it is endowed with a cluster of beaches. There are public as well as private beaches in Dubai. Public beaches are open to everyone free of charge, whereas private beaches have some entry fees. Blessed with both deserts and beaches, Dubai is a must-visit place.

Are you visiting Dubai for the holidays? Loves visiting beaches, we have listed the most famous public beaches below.

We are here for your rescue- Here is the list of the best public beaches in Dubai.

1) Umm Suqeim Beach

The attractive background and location of Umm Seqeim Beach, with Burj al Arab and luxury hotel Jumeirah beach hotel building in the background, makes it the most photographed beach. It offers visitors to swim after sunset as it has two light posts, which get illuminated when it gets dark, letting the visitors swim unfazed. The reason it’s also known as sunset beach.

The beach has all modern facilities like a shower room, toilets, changing rooms, and restaurants to satiate your hunger pangs. It also offers a library facility for book lovers. The beach is well-connected by public transport and easy to reach, owing to its nearness to the iconic buildings of Burj al Arab.

2) Black Palace Beach

If you like to spend quite a time at the beach with family in peace, then Black Palace Beach is the one for you. Also called names-secret beach or Al Sufouh beach, it is the ideal place to spend quality time with family. Located amongst the cluster of many royal palaces and date palms, it’s the calm-serene beach.

When visiting Black Palace beach, don’t forget to bring your snacks and drinks. The only downside of visiting this beach is that it does not offer restaurants and shops.

It’s a perfect place to visit with a family of kids, as the water across the Black Palace beach is shallow. Even if you are unaware of swimming, you can try going to the sea. The only downside of the Black Sea beach is that it does not have facilities like changing rooms, shower rooms, restaurants, etc., but it provides privacy to its visitors. Another plus point of this beach is that it offers stunning views from all sides, such as the beach being in the middle of Burj al Arab and Palm Island.

3) Jumeirah beach

Jumeirah beach, Dubai, is famous for water sports. Its length is  7km and has enough space for different sports to co-exist. Irrespective of your choice of water sport, it won’t disappoint at Jumeirah beach. If you are a water sports lover, there are options like jet skiing, parasailing, etc. It’s one of the most iconic beaches of Dubai, which is equally popular among natives and tourists alike.

There are a lot of facilities available at this beach, thus its popularity. Also situated in the middle of old and new Dubai, it’s accessible from both places easily. Along with spending time at the beach playing sports, it offers a running track for runners. Also, it has an amusement park at the beach, which is a perfect way to spend time with family.

4) Kite Beach

Kite beach is the name given to this beach owing to the popularity of kitesurfing here. The beach offers other water sports facilities as well. For food options, there are different food trucks parked along the beach, hence offering a variety of food items. The beach is friendly for differently-abled persons and lets them enjoy the experience like all others. The beach has workout machines and running tracks for fitness enthusiasts.

The kite beach offers a stunning view of the sky filled with different colored kites. There is a dedicated area on the kite beach specifically for kite surfing.

There is also a small water park and a beginner-friendly skate park. It offers multiple activities- it is a perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. One can never get bored here- there is always one thing or another to do. For book lovers, there is a small library from where they can borrow free books.

5) The Beach at JBR

One of the most loved and visited beaches is the beach near JBR, Jumeirah Beach Residence. It has the most beautiful landscape and a plethora of facilities at the beach. If you are interested in fishing and interested for fishing Trips in Dubai, then it’s the right place. It’s one of the most popular fishing spots in Dubai. Hire certified professionals and enjoy time with your loved ones fishing.

Also, the beach offers many eateries spread across the beach, where you can enjoy global cuisines. There are cinemas, parks and other activities to do as well. 

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