Turks and Caicos

Descending into Turks and Caicos was a sight to behold.  Overlooking the sprinkling of tropical islands amidst the stunning turquoise waters was quite the spectacle!  One of those images you come across in a glossy magazine that you feel ‘must be’ photoshopped! No filter is required!

Oh to be traveling again! and to an island that can only be described as a true paradise!  Sheer bliss!  And my trip to Turks and Caicos was not disappointing. 

The weather was beautiful in April.  Up in the 30s but with a gentle ongoing breeze that made it easy to tolerate the heat.  The sun shone daily and made the water look more azure than ever. The island boasts round-the-clock high temperatures.  It is a most agreeable climate. 

On the island, there is an abundance of Turks and Caicos Villas to choose from; each is no less than exquisite, bright, spacious, and elegant and they all have their own signature touches making each one truly unique.  There are amazing villa rentals to cater for family gatherings, special birthday celebrations, or even weddings!  Smaller villas are ideal for honeymooners; you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful destination than Turks.

Each villa is attentively overseen by professional, efficient, and friendly staff who treat you with the utmost care during your stay.  They take huge pride in their work. 

The locations of the villas are superb; be it in bustling Grace Bay (one of the world’s top-rated beaches), along the Long Bay coast side with its shallow waters busy with water sports, or in the Turtle Tail area; private and tranquil; there is a perfect location for everyone’s preference.  You can opt for villas within resorts if you prefer activity or a stand-alone, private villa that will offer you the utmost peace and tranquillity. 

You receive the most warming Caribbean welcome from each villa, and from each staff member.  Often, a little gift is given which is symbolic of the island or the villa in particular. One I recall was a beautiful delicate necklace; handmade from the local shell.  So pretty and so thoughtful. 

Turks and Caicos have some wonderful restaurants to choose from. The best of fine dining for evening time, or the laid-back Caribbean lunchtime Beach Shack experience.   

Fine dining restaurants are either in-resort or separate entities.  Reservations are highly recommended as they book up well in advance.  There is an amazing variety of cuisines to suit every inquisitive palate. 

From day-time beach shacks, at the water’s edge, offering gorgeous rum punches and delicious Conch fritters, conch salad, or blackened Grouper; all being caught on the beaches beside you as you dine.  The menus are extensive with lots to choose from, but the freshest of local fish is a hard choice to pass on.  Choose it blackened, fried, or natural; all dishes are sumptuous.  Accompanied by the local guitarist strumming along often results in prolonged lunch sittings!


We also experienced Private Chef services in our villas which was both a luxury and a lesson!  We were able to chat with the Chefs as they prepared their local dishes, learning a trick or two along the way; almost a culinary lesson!  Each Chef is passionate about their work, it is a pleasure to watch them prep during the day.  The beauty of having a chef cook for you in your villa; you get to relax all day, take in the tantalizing aromas rising from the kitchen and have a relaxed, beautiful meal with your loved ones in the villa. 

There are numerous exciting excursions to enjoy, an abundance of activities to partake in, and all with a wonderful level of service throughout the island really has it all going on.  Or simply, relax and unwind on the amazing, soft sandy beaches. 

The island is a haven for snorkelling (with some amazing Reefs to explore), kayaking, surfing, kite surfing, jet skis, catamaran trips, and fishing trips; to name but a few.  Try your hand with a Pro Tennis lesson with coach Rey or a round of golf in the beautiful Royal Turks and Caicos course, followed by a leisurely lunch in the clubhouse after. 

Sunsets and sunrises were one of the most beautiful I have had the pleasure of experiencing in my life. The sea was a unique shade of turquoise and the sand a dazzling white; each island near Turks was a more beautiful sight than the next.  My favorite was a trip on a Catamaran at sunset.  We stopped off at the Tiki Bar (floating platform bar for signature cocktails), visited Iguana Island and the La Familia Shipwreck in Long Bay, and finished off relaxing on the Catamaran as the sunset on the horizon.  It was one of the most beautiful sunsets!

One of the highlights of my trip was a visit to the Fish Fry in the Bight Settlement on Thursday night.  Pop-up tents featuring the island’s top Chefs offer a broad range of local delights.  Local crafts and gifts were also for sale.  The event is frequented by tourists and locals alike, all enjoying the wonderful Caribbean ambiance topped off with a visit from the local all-colorful Junkanoo parade with harmonious music, traditional dance, and handmade costumes; a tradition most treasured by the locals and enjoyed by all.


Turk Islanders are friendly, hardworking and depend hugely on tourism as their income.  They are most hospitable, incredibly friendly, and extremely hard working.  They love their island and are so very proud to share it with you.  They speak of it with utmost pride and love. 

My trip to Turks and Caicos was primarily work-based.  A Client Services role requires in-depth knowledge of the product at hand.  The trip gave me that knowledge and so much more.  Experiencing first-hand this incredible island has supplied me with invaluable knowledge of the island, its must-do’s, and what not to miss!  

The trip was nothing short of amazing, invigorating yet relaxing, positive, and rejuvenating; an experience I will treasure for much time to come.  

Turks and Caicos is, without doubt, the jewel of the Caribbean 

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