Why Inertia?

As the spring season draws near, it only means one thing—spring break is around the corner. The season of groove and booze cruises and nonstop fun-filled activities in glamorous destinations.

For most college students, it is the time to let off some steam from the heat of school work and plan a trip to South Padre Island with Inertia Tours for some wild adventure.

Why Inertia Tours?

Inertia Tours is a travel-based company in Austin, Texas, with a seasoned office in South Padre Island. It is known to be the largest provider of US-based college spring break trips in America, providing pleasant but affordable trips to some luxurious destinations for college students and other spring breakers. With the combination of condos, concerts, nightlife, and exotic meals at high-rated hotels, they know all the ways to make your spring break simply phenomenal.

The travel-based company is popular for its exceptional service in creating the most memorable experiences for spring breakers. It is widely acknowledged in the spring break travel industry as the “Padre People,” being the only spring break travel company to be recognized and sponsored officially by a city–South Padre Island to promote spring break travel.

The company’s fame is reputable and has been featured thrice on the travel channel. It has also been recognized by corporate sponsors like Budweiser, Jack Link, Red Bull, Monster, Twang, Four Loko, Electric Wines, and many others. 

The company also has good social media visibility in the student travel business. It operates as the most visited and shared social media account, with over 4 million views on its youtube channel.

Why are Inertia Tours Popular Among Students?

Inertia tours offer several packages that are both affordable and exciting for college students. By combining condos, night parties, pool parties, dine-out meals, and booze on South Padre Island, the Inertia tour stands out from other student travel companies amongst students. They have a record of bringing more students to South Padre Island than every other travel company. 

They also organize night events for the students every night of their trip with a guarantee of student-packed parties. In addition, their Red Carpet VIP Party Package offers the largest student parties or a 100% money-back guarantee.

Current Deals in Inertia Tours

Come Spring break 2023, there are a couple of deals to take advantage of.

You can plan a trip with inertia tours to South Padre, Panama City Beach, Florida, Cancun, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and College Ski Trips.  

The cost of the packages ranges between $349 – $549 /person, and it covers accommodations, night parties, 1 headliner concert, booze cruise, dine-out restaurant meals, a daytime pool party, Clayton’s Beach Deck Stage and Djs PLUS onsite discounts and hospitality staff.

Current Deals South Padre TX 

3 nights – $199 – $299 / Per Person

4 nights – $299 – $499 / Per Person

5 nights – $399 – $599 / Per Person

Why Go on a Trip to South Padre Island?

  • It is the busiest Spring Break spot in the US.
  • There are massive condos that are perfect for Greeks.
  • It is the cheapest spring break location for 2023.
  • Drive down – there’s no expensive airfare.
  • You can have access to the club as long as you’re 18.
  • You’re allowed to drink as long as you’re 21.
  • Drinking is legal on the beach
  • They hold major concerts most weeks.
  • Far south as Miami = Tropical weather. 

Other Deals 

  • Panama City 

The Panama City deal features

Lake-town wharf condos, with Panamaniac party cards and meals, and cost $525 per person for 4 nights.

  • Cancun 

The Cancun deal features Mega Oasis hotel with meals and drinks inclusive and costs about $649 per person for four nights.

  • College Ski 

The College Ski deal features a condo with lift tix and costs around $799 per person for four nights.

  • Cabo 

The Cabo deal features an all-inclusive stay at Riu Santa Fe hotel and costs about $725 per person for four nights.

  • Puerto Vallarta 

The Puerto Vallarta deal also features an all-inclusive stay at Vamar Resort and costs about $699 per person for four nights.

Inertia Tours provides trips that create long-lasting memories even for students with a budget. They have worked with over 60,000 students providing unique and exceptional travel experiences to different locations, and the number keeps increasing. 

There’s an early booking bonus when you plan a trip with Inertia tours; you also get a free reservation within 10 days. For more information on available deals and packages, visit their website.

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