10 Best Netflix Series Everyone Should Watch Once

Must-Watch Netflix Original Series: A Binge-Watcher’s Delight

Netflix has become a treasure trove of amazing content, offering a diverse array of original series to cater to all tastes. From spine-tingling supernatural thrillers to mind-bending sci-fi and heartwarming coming-of-age stories, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top must-watch Netflix original series that have captivated audiences worldwide. So, get ready to embark on a binge-watching adventure, grab your favorite snacks, and settle into the cozy comfort of your couch as we explore these spectacular shows.

1. The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

The Haunting of Hill House is a spine-tingling series that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. This addictive supernatural thriller takes you on a haunting journey as mysterious events unfold on screen, captivating you with its complex and multi-layered characters. The show’s brilliant cinematography and set design make Hill House itself feel like a menacing and manipulative character. The eerie atmosphere and psychological horror elements will surely leave you haunted long after the series concludes.

2. Dark (2017-2020)

For fans of mind-bending mysteries, Dark is a must-see German sci-fi series. The show’s unique concept involves time travel between different eras, such as 2019, 1986, and 1953, each with its distinct tone. As characters navigate the complexities of time, they confront the consequences of their actions in the past, influencing the present and future. With its moody soundtrack, atmospheric cinematography, and countless twists, Dark offers a mind-bending thrill ride that will keep you hooked until the very end.

3. Midnight Mass (2021)

Midnight Mass is a supernatural horror series that promises to keep you at the edge of your seat. Set on an isolated island, the show follows a community that experiences strange events after the arrival of a mysterious priest. This seven-episode thrill ride is praised as a horror masterpiece, captivating viewers with its suspense, scares, and plot twists. With themes of faith and the unknown, Midnight Mass delivers a thought-provoking and spine-chilling viewing experience.

4. The Last Kingdom (2015-2022)

If historical fiction is your cup of tea, The Last Kingdom is a must-watch series for you. Set in 9th century England, the show follows the adventures of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Saxon boy raised by Vikings. The series presents epic battles, political intrigue, and a touch of romance, transporting viewers to an ancient world filled with shield walls and longships. Uhtred’s journey to reclaim his lost kingdom of Bebbanburg is both gripping and emotionally engaging.

5. Arcane (2021-)

Arcane is an animated series set in the League of Legends universe, delivering a visually stunning and captivating experience. With magic, mystery, action, and heart at its core, the show follows two sisters, Vi and Jinx, as they find themselves on opposite sides of a war. The steampunk-inspired world and well-developed characters have received critical acclaim, making Arcane a must-watch for both gaming enthusiasts and general audiences.

6. Mindhunter (2017-2019)

For fans of psychological thrillers and crime dramas, Mindhunter is a captivating series that shouldn’t be missed. The show follows FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they interview imprisoned serial killers, attempting to understand their motives. With brilliant performances, particularly by Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany, the series delves into the unsettling world of criminal psychology, making it a gripping and intense viewing experience.

7. Black Mirror (2011-)

If you’re in the mood for thought-provoking sci-fi, Black Mirror is the show for you. This British anthology series offers unsettling stories that explore humanity’s relationship with technology. Each episode presents a new cast and storyline, interconnected by the theme of our over-reliance on and submission to technology. With its dark satire and suspense, Black Mirror serves as a cautionary tale about the potential consequences of our tech-driven society.

8. Bojack Horseman (2014-2020)

Bojack Horseman is a clever and creative animated series that delivers laughter and introspection in equal measure. Centered around BoJack Horseman, a washed-up 1990s sitcom star, the show navigates themes of self-loathing, addiction, and broken relationships. Beneath its humorous surface, Bojack Horseman boldly addresses heavy issues, making it a poignant and emotionally resonant animated series.

9. Sex Education (2019-2023)

Sex Education is a gem of a series that skillfully blends humor and sincerity in a coming-of-age narrative. The show revolves around Otis, a socially awkward high schooler, and his rebellious friend Maeve, as they offer sex advice to fellow students. Beyond its witty humor, Sex Education fearlessly explores sexuality, consent, identity, and self-discovery, making it a refreshing and honest portrayal of adolescence and adulthood.

10. Beef (2023-)

Beef is an enthralling dark comedy series that delves into the aftermath of a road rage incident between two strangers, Amy Lau and Danny Cho. As the plot unfolds, the show evolves into a profound commentary on parenthood, relationships, and the essence of life. It offers exceptional portrayals of well-rounded Asian characters, breaking free from stereotypes and exploring emotional unavailability and parental trauma. With its gripping storytelling and existentialist themes, Beef is a must-watch series that will keep you enthralled.


Netflix’s original series lineup offers a treasure trove of exceptional content, catering to a wide range of tastes and interests. From spine-tingling horror to mind-bending sci-fi and heartwarming coming-of-age tales, there’s a show for every viewer. So, the next time you find yourself scrolling through Netflix, consider diving into one of these must-watch series. Your binge-watching adventures await!

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