10 episodes in ‘Suits’ Would Have Gotten Harvey Striked In Real Life

Harvey Specter’s questionable and unethical actions throughout Suits, such as covering up Mike’s fake law degree, would have likely resulted in disbarment in the real world.
Harvey conspired with others, including Sean Cahill and Craig Seidel, to achieve his goals, which would be considered collusion and further grounds for disbarment.
Harvey’s violent tendencies, such as physically threatening Lawrence Kemp and assaulting Louis Litt, would have undoubtedly led to disbarment if they occurred outside the fictional world of Suits.

Anyone that has watched at least 10 minutes of Suits knows that Harvey Specter isn’t the most ethical lawyer around, even though one could argue there’s no such thing as a moral lawyer on television. Nevertheless, most of Harvey’s actions throughout all nine seasons of the USA Network series were questionable. Not an episode went by where someone wasn’t colluding, blackmailing, threatening, or extorting someone else to get what they wanted in the courtroom, and most of the time, that included Harvey.

Harvey had a strict and abrasive personality, which was sometimes necessary to win cases (by whatever means necessary). However, this also led to shady behavior that occasionally got Harvey into trouble. However, someone must have been watching over Harvey because he was never disbarred despite the collusion, blackmail, etc. If Harvey was a lawyer in the real world and not a fictional character in Suits, it’s quite unlikely that he would still have a job in law.

10 Covers Up Mike’s Fake Law Degree

Harvey was promoted to senior partner at Pearson Hardman during the Suits pilot, and his first decision as a senior partner was to hire Mike Ross, who didn’t have a law degree. Of course, it took some convincing before Harvey gave Mike the job. But it was nevertheless wrong (and illegal).

Yes, Mike had taken the LSATs dozens of times and knew the legal world like the back of his hand. But it was unethical of Harvey to hire Mike and then agree to cover for him regarding his lack of a law degree. As Suits fans know, this decision would come back to bite Harvey and Mike in the butt later in the series, but Harvey would never get disbarred over the matter. Related: Suits Producer Weighs In On Possible Revival Amid Surging Netflix Success

9 Recruits Trevor To Threaten Matt Bailey

During the Suits season 1 finale, Harvey represented an innocent man, Clifford Danner, in a murder trial. Clifford had been imprisoned for 12 years after being wrongfully convicted of killing his (secret) girlfriend. Harvey learned that District Attorney Cameron Dennis had covered up evidence that proved Matt Bailey and Jason Black were the culprits. After running into a dead end in the case, Harvey enlisted Trevor Evans’ help. On Harvey and Mike’s behalf, Trevor broke into Matt’s home and threatened to kill him. Matt then feared for his life and confessed to the murder, resulting in Clifford’s freedom in Suits season 1, episode 12.

8 Colludes With Sean Cahill

Following Mike’s trial and imprisonment at the end of Suits season 5, Harvey contacted Sean Cahill to see if he could help free Mike at the beginning of season 6. Sean was a prosecutor for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, so Harvey scheming with him to get Mike out of prison was technically collusion, which would call for Harvey to get disbarred. Plus, sneaking Mike out of his jail cell to see Rachel Zane wouldn’t have gone over too well with the board in episode 4, either.

7 Extorts, Blackmails, & Colludes To Get Mike Admitted To The Bar

After Mike got released from prison in Suits season 6, Harvey wanted to help him get admitted to the bar so that he could legally practice law in the United States in episodes 14 and 15. However, Harvey didn’t use the most legal methods to get what he wanted. He extorted, blackmailed, and colluded to ensure Mike was admitted to the bar. Harvey even admitted that his actions weren’t completely legal, but he didn’t get caught and kept his job at the law firm.

6 Colludes With Craig Seidel From The Ethics Board

One of Harvey’s most controversial storylines came toward the end of Suits season 6, as he became desperate to have his best friend Mike become an official lawyer. Unfortunately, that led to him colluding with Craig Seidel, a board member of the New York State Bar, whose hands weren’t the cleanest, either. Harvey and Craig first met in episode 13 when Craig blackmailed Harvey to drive Velocity Data Solutions’ stock prices down. The two men came to a deal that would have resulted in Mike passing the bar and prison time for all involved if this was real life.

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5 Threatens Walter Samson

When Mike was granted a character and fitness hearing in front of the Ethics Board in Suits season 6, episode 16, it seemed like everything was going right for the characters until they learned that Anita Gibbs, the lead prosecutor on Mike’s case in season 5, had replaced Walter Samson on the board. As a result, Harvey tracked down Walter and accused him of being blackmailed by Anita to step down. He threatened to expose whatever dirt Anita had on him, but as Walter insisted, he stepped away from the board to spend more time with his family. Harvey resorted to physical violence, which didn’t get him anywhere in Suits.

4 ​​Physically Threatens Lawrence Kemp

Harvey occasionally let his temper get the best of him in Suits, which often led to physical violence. In season 2, episode 4, Harvey confronted Lawrence Kemp in a parking lot and pushed him into a car while attempting to settle the Coastal Motors case. Lawyers using violence to get what they want is, not shockingly, frowned upon, and would have resulted in Harvey getting disbarred in Suits season 2.

3 Enlists Donna To Convince Stu To Short Stocks

In Suits season 7, episode 13, Harvey and Mike recruited Donna Paulsen’s help to persuade Stu Buzzini, a stock market trader, to short some stocks for their case of the week. While Stu was hesitant (since it would be illegal), Donna ultimately convinced him to manipulate the stocks. While it was Donna who did the persuading, she was doing so under Harvey’s orders, which would have led to him losing his license to practice law.

2 Assaults Louis

Once again, Harvey couldn’t control his temper and lashed out against Louis Litt in Suits season 5, episode 7. Louis found out about Harvey’s relationship with his sister, Esther, and the two men argued in Harvey’s office. Harvey hit Louis and threw him into a glass table, which broke. Harvey would have undoubtedly been disbarred if he had assaulted a coworker in real life, especially since this happened at their place of work​​​​​​. Related: Why Patrick J. Adams’ Mike Left Suits After Season 7

1 Blackmails Mike Into Dropping The Prison Case

It seemed as if no one was safe from Harvey’s reign of terror as he even blackmailed Mike in Suits season 7, episode 6. Harvey was angry that Mike was working with Frank Gallo since Frank had previously tried to kill Mike while they were in prison together. As a result, Harvey blackmailed Mike into stepping away from the case by telling him that if he continued to work on it, Harvey would inform the judge that Mike had violated conflict of interest. Harvey was just trying to protect Mike, but his blackmailing tendencies were exhausting and endless in Suits and would have resulted in him being disbarred.

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