10 Quotes From ‘Never Have I Ever’ Character Nalini

Never Have I Ever is an American coming-of-age comedy-drama television series starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher.

WARNING! This list contains spoilers for season 3 of Never Have I Ever, if you have not already watched it!

Never Have I Ever has brought back all the emotion, drama, and romance that’s been inherent to Devi’s story since the pilot episode – amplified tenfold in its newly released third season. Despite the show’s new twists and subplots, the series stays true to its original vibe and themes, still ensuring that its best character remains the same as always: Nalini.

Whether it be through her devotion to her family, her value in keeping worthwhile traditions, or her hilarious and relatable one-liners, Nalini has proven herself time and again to be the best fictional character within the popular teen series, a fact that remains consistent especially throughout this

10 “I Don’t Think That’s A Stabbable Offense.”

“…Been Slut-Shamed,” Season 3, Episode 1

;A large part of what makes Nalini so great as a character is her complex identity; while she has lived for a long-time now as a successful American, she still has kept true to her Indian roots and values which at times causes clashing as she tries to balance both parts but usually provides her a unique perspective.

This is epitomized especially when she simultaneously reprimands and defends Kamala. Although she realizes the implications of Kamala’s decision, she also understands its importance, embodying the depth and layers of who she is.

9 “…Tending To The Demanding People In My Household.”

“…Had A Valentine,” Season 3, Episode 3

Nalini’s dry humor not only serves as great comic relief for her character, but also usually highlights the adversity of her life as she uses sarcasm to describe her draining circumstances as a hardworking dermatologist, recent widow, and devoted mother to a rebellious teenage girl.

This quote – spoken as she exposes her lack of Valentine’s Day plans to newcomer Rhyah – not only showcases her elite sense of sarcasm but also provides a look into how she views her life and the challenges she faces while appearing so calm and kept together in a chaotic home.

8 “Anything To Have Him Walk Through… With A $5 Teddy.”

“…Had A Valentine,” Season 3, Episode 3

Nalini and Mohan’s relationship is one of the best and healthiest ones depicted throughout the series. The loss of Mohan has hit Nalini hard and even though she puts up a tough and brave front, his loss has impacted her deeply, in ways she doesn’t even know.

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Such as on Valentine’s Day, a holiday she used to dismiss but has since developed a new appreciation and longing for. This quote not only reminds viewers of Nalini’s love for Mohan and her heartbreak, but in doing so also humanizes her.

7 “I Take A Baby Aspirin With My Tea Every Morning.”

“…Made Someone Jealous,” Season 3, Episode 4

A large part of Nalini’s charm comes from her effortless ability to say the most true yet absurd things in the most nonchalant manner, creating some of the best quotes from prior Never Have I Ever seasons. However, her comments often come with a deeper meaning and prove her to be one of the wisest, put-together, relatable and hence best characters on the show.

Her baby aspirin comment (prompted by Devi asking if she was having a stroke) establishes this by proving her preventative measures to be both absolutely ludicrous, and yet extremely sensible given Mohan’s sudden death and Devi only having one parent.

6 “You Can Always Come Home For Dinner.”

“…Been Ghosted,” Season 3, Episode 5

Despite some faults, Nalini is easily one of the best people shown in the series and this is emphasized many times throughout via her empathy and unabashed care for others – whether it be noticing Ben Gross’ loneliness in one of the most underrated moments in Never Have I Ever season 1 or reassuring Kamala through this season 3 quote.

Having always treated Kamala with the love of a daughter and the camaraderie of a friend, Nalini reassures her once again that she is still supported and loved. Nalini proves that she is a mother, not only to Devi, but to any deserving kid she comes across, further developing her good-hearted nature.

5 “I’ve Already Booked The Tickets.”

“…Lived the Dream,” Season 3, Episode 10

Nalini has made a lot of sacrifices for Devi’s future and wants only to see Devi live a happy, healthy, and spectacular life. This is shown especially through this quote when Nalini tells Devi she has to go to Shrubland to help fulfill Devi’s Princeton dreams.

Even though the thought of parting from her daughter is painful, Nalini puts aside her own feelings for the good of her daughter, just as she always has done thanks to her selfless and loving nature that has come to define her actions throughout the show.

4 “I Fear This Açai Bowl May Lead To [A Blowout].”

“…Had A Valentine,” Season 3, Episode 3

Nalini is one of the funniest characters on Never Have I Ever and her power of taking words and phrases literally causes some of her best and most hilarious moments in the show, and her mistaking Rhyah’s offer of a hair blowout for a bowel blowout is no exception.

This quote not only re-affirms her ability to create hilarious and human situations in the most mundane of moments, but it also gives a realistic portrayal of funny and awkward moments adults face when fostering new friendships and trying new things. Her ability to recover from this embarrassing moment and rock the blowout only adds to the reasons why she is the best character in the series.

3 “I Need To Eat A Bag Of Heavily Processed Bugle Chips.”

“…Had an Indian Boyfriend,” Season 3, Episode 9

Although Rhyah at first seems to be a well-matched new friend for Nalini, her overbearing and judgemental nature clashes too heavily for Nalini’s liking as Rhyah continuously shames her eating habits and tries to change her. When Rhyah disrespects Devi – after encouraging Des to break up with her – Nalini finally calls it quits and kicks Rhyah out with this memorable quote.

This line proves Nalini to be confident and unashamed of who she and Devi are, while also roasting Rhyah’s condescending approach to her life. Plus, the added pettiness just elevates Nalini’s reputation.

2 “I Won’t Let You Date, I Do Care If You’re Heartbroken.”

“…Had A Valentine,” Season 3, Episode 3

Although the majority of the series has viewers divided as to whether they are Team Paxton, Team Ben or – new to this season – Team Nirdesh, it’s no secret that the best and arguably most important relationship in Devi’s life is that between her and Nalini. The two easily form one of the best duos in Never Have I Ever.

This quote re-establishes the strength and beauty of Nalini and Devi’s mother-daughter bond and proves Nalini to have unconditional love and support for Devi, even if it comes to the forbidden topic of boys.

1 “That’s Okay – I See Him Everywhere.”

“…Had an Indian Boyfriend,” Season 3, Episode 9

While the rest of the world has at some point seen her as “Crazy Devi,” Nalini is one person who knows just how much Devi has gone through and not only understands but also admires how she has gotten through every hardship after Mohan’s passing.

This quote – stated during perhaps the most emotional part of the season – offers not only a look into Nalini’s own grief, but also validates Devi’s experiences and reassures her that it will be okay. This quote solidifies the many multitudes and great traits of Nalini, proving yet again that she is the best character in the series.

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