10 Top 10 Sad TV Season Endings

When the series finale of Riverdale airs in 2023, fans expect an episode full of as many surprises and fast-paced moments as the rest of the series. There will most likely be a few sad scenes since that tends to be nature of final episodes. While some series finales are happy and show the main characters at peace and looking to a hopeful future, even those can tug on the heartstrings and bring on a whole host of emotions.

From the last episodes of sitcoms that see a group of friends scattering to some dramas that end with a bang, fans are reflecting on the series finales that have made an emotional impact on them.

Friends (“The Last One” S10 E17&18)

The two-part Friends series finale is another sad, although bittersweet, group of episodes, mostly thanks to the question of whether Rachel Green and Ross Geller will reunite for good. This is all that fans wanted, along with some sweet scenes of the main characters spending time together. ‘Did she got off the plane?? Did she got off the plane???’ ‘I got off the plane.’Tears. Every time.”

Knowing that the characters won’t hang out every single day like they did before is definitely tough to think about. It’s always sad when a series finale shows that nothing will ever be the same again for a group of friends who have meant so much to each other. But fans know that these pals will always be around for each other.


The Office (“Finale” S9 E24&25)

Fans knew that the final episode of The Office would be full of sentimental moments and nostalgia. “The Office finale gets me everytime.” The main characters get together for Angela Martin and Dwight Schrute’s wedding. This gives viewers the chance to catch up with everyone and say goodbye.

The Office series finale has many Easter eggs and has a satisfying storyline with Jim and Pam Halpert’s love story continuing just as fans have always wanted. It’s also sweet seeing Michael Scott talk about his love for his kids as this shows another side of him.

Dexter (“Remember the Monsters?” S8 E12)

It was clear that the last episode of Dexter would be shocking and hard to forget about, and that’s exactly what happened. Dexter Morgan’s sister Debra is on life support in a hospital, and Dexter takes her off, throws her body in the ocean, and escapes. The episode was “Toying with our feelings and our logic.”

Dexter wants everyone to think that he has died and viewers learn that he’s living in Oregon and pretending to be someone else. Seeing Dexter with a beard and looking sad and lonely is an unforgettable image. Not everyone loves this finale, and at least fans were given the reboot Dexter: New Blood and could see this complicated character again.

Chuck (“Chuck Versus the Goodbye” S5 E13)

The action-packed TV series Chuck is often seen as an underrated one and it’s not a particularly sad series, as Chuck Bartowski is a smart, quick-thinking spy who has a genuine talent for this work. The last episode was emotional and wrote, “I don’t cry often, but I know I did during this finale.”

Seeing Chuck and Sarah Walker together is beautiful, as they share a romantic kiss in the last few moments of the show. What makes it so sad is that Sarah hasn’t had her memory for a while and it’s unclear when she will get it back. Chuck believes in her and loves her so much that he’s committed to staying with her and figuring it out.

How I Met Your Mother (“Last Forever” S9 E23&24)

While the series finale of How I Met Your Mother is upsetting for some fans, and not everyone agrees that The Mother/Tracy McConnell dying is the right way to go, it can still be considered a heartbreaking episode. “Just the flow of emotions that passing through me, knowing 9 years of getting to know, feel, and experience 5 great characters as if they were your best friends…”

Some fans think HIMYM has a bad final season in general, but Ted Mosby does finish telling his story to his children, he explains what happens to Tracy, and he and Robin Scherbatsky find their way back to each other after a long time apart. It’s tough not to let the tears flow when watching Ted lose Tracy and realize how much he still loves Robin.

The O.C. (The End’s Not Near, It’s Here S4 E16)

The last episode of The O.C. is satisfying and sweet. There are fresh beginnings and exciting paths for all of the major characters. Kirsten and Sandy Cohen have another baby, and Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts get married, which feels inevitable and perfect. The finale concludes with Ryan Atwood working in Chino and seeing a child who seems to be in trouble. “The O.C. truly had a great ending, especially with Ryan reaching out to this kid he used to be.”

Ryan wants to pay it forward and help someone the way that Sandy was always there for him. Sandy changed Ryan’s life and helped him find confidence and a future, and Ryan knows that he has the same compassion within himself to do the same thing for someone else. It’s hard to think of a more flawless and sad yet happy ending.

Futurama (“Meanwhile” S7 E26)

“Meanwhile” is a Futurama episode that feels timeless, as the main characters go through a huge emotional journey. The finale made me openly weep. Maybe I’m just overly sentimental, but after watching Fry and Leela live such a beautiful life and grow old together, that final line really gets to me.”

Futurama concludes with Fry and Leela now in their old age, and they realize that they can become young again and experience life another time. They say that they will “go around again.” It’s hard not to feel the emotional impact of this decision as they think about everything that they have experienced together and how much they don’t want to say goodbye to each other.

Band Of Brothers (“Points” S1 E10)

“Last five minutes of Band of Brothers” are truly sad, and the fan added that they are, “Heart-wrenching every single time.” A TV drama about war is always going to affect viewers since there is so much at stake and so many feelings in every episode .

In “Points,” the war has ended but the soldiers wonder what’s going to happen to them. A points system meant that some would return back home but other soldiers could be taken to fight in other places. The Easy Company soldiers then get together to play baseball, which is a moving way to conclude the series, and the real Easy Company members are shown on the screen.

Freaks And Geeks (“Discos And Dragons” S1 E18)

The ending of Freaks and Geeks is definitely sad. The fan wrote, “It gets me every time Lindsay gets on the bus and Ripple from the Grateful Dead starts playing.” Freaks and Geeks has great characters, relatable plotlines, and a general feeling of teen angst that is fun to revisit. It also has a series finale that is sad and also makes fans wish for more episodes, but there is only one 18-episode season.

Lindsey Weir is supposed to do a summer program at the University of Michigan, but she’s scared and feels like she’s expected to be perfect. A kind-hearted teacher suggests that she listen to the Grateful Dead and she decides to rebel and she and Kim Kelly go to several concerts along with two peers who like the band as well. This is a bittersweet ending that proves that Lindsey is growing up and won’t always do what her parents what her to do but this is a good, healthy part of her development.

Sons Of Anarchy (“Papa’s Goods” S7 E13)

After watching Jax Teller for 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy, fans felt that it would make sense for Jax to die, as his story didn’t seem like it could wrap up any other way. It was a sad finale: “The moment you figure out what’s going to happen. It’s foreshadowed, but still…”

Jax takes a ride on the bike that belonged to his dad and as 20 police officers follow him, he heads for the Papa’s Good truck that Milo is driving. It’s an emotional ending, and before his death, Jax wants to make up for the terrible things that he has done in the past.


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