Alesha Dixon says Entity Allstars could be ‘the next Diversity’

Alesha Dixon believes her Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer act Entity Allstars could become the ‘next Diversity’.

However she insisted that the Essex-based dance troupe were different to the former BGT champs.

BGT MarkMeets
BGT MarkMeets

Alesha hit the golden buzzer for the 20 strong group of teenage performers on last night’s show, sending them straight through to the live shows at the end of the month.

Speaking about the group, Alesha said: “I think they are very different to Diversity but what they did that reminded me massively of Diversity was lift the room when they came out and performed.

“You can feel that surge of energy which is undeniable. You’re sitting there and from start to finish. It’s like a sprint. They just smashed it! That’s what you want them to do.”

As a streetdancer, crew member Lewis was recruited by X Factor creative director Brian Friedman to be a backing dancer during his sister Lauren’s rendition of Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know.

In last nights episode we saw Alesha turn into little Miss Nasty as she got rather annoyed with some poor hopefuls.

“I have been frustrated with the lack of great dance acts who have walked through the door,” Alesha explained. “I expect a high standard, I want someone to come along and be the next Diversity, or that can prove that there is another act who enters this show and can go on and have an incredible career like those guys have. I think my group can do that.”

Britain’s Got Talent 2015 continues next Saturday on ITV.

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