Ben Stiller and Cate Blanchett team up for movie adaptation of TV cult classic ‘The Champions’

‘The Champions’ TV series is finally being adapted into a movie and has a “superhuman team” behind it.

Leading stars Ben Stiller and Cate Blanchet are set to feature in a big-screen adaptation of the 60s cult spy TV series ‘The Champions’.

The ‘Zoolander’ actor is Ben Stiller will direct and produce the flick and will also star alongside the ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ actress.

The original UK series ran from 1968 to 1969 and was helmed by William Gaunt, Stuart Damon and Alexandra Bastedo.

The plot “follows three United Nations agents whose plane crashes into the Himalayas.”

“Upon being rescued by an advanced civilisation secretly living in Tibet, they are granted enhanced intellectual and physical abilities.”

And become “champions of law, order and justice.”

In a statement Blanchett said: “‘Champions’ is a long-forgotten gem that will excite a new generation in the same strange and magnificent way that the original series spoke to us. I’ve long wanted to work with Ben — the director and the actor. He is one of the most engaged and versatile directors working today. Anyone who can make both ‘Zoolander’ and ‘Escape At Dannemora’ is a creative force to be reckoned with.”

Stiller quipped: “I’m a huge fan of Cate’s for a very long time. I’m hoping this project will help people to finally take her seriously as an actress.”


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Philippe Maigret, President of ITV Studios America, has dubbed the cast members “a superhuman team”.

Director Guillermo del Toro was previously attached to adapt the series for the silver screen in 2007.

Stiller’s latest directing gig comes after it was revealed the 55-year-old Hollywood star will direct and produce ‘Bag Man’ and ‘London’ starring Oscar Isaac.

As for the 52-year-old actress, Blanchett is starring in Todd Field’s ‘Tar’ and has just wrapped work on Eli Roth’s ‘Borderlands’.

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