Big Brother 2014 bosses hunt for new housemates

Work on the new 2014 Big Brother line is well underway already MarkMeets can reveal.

The show kicks off a ‘public’ series in early summer and bosses are busy scouting for housemates.

 Big Brother 2014 bosses hunt for new housemates | MarkMeets TV News |
Open auditions – which this year took place online only – are now closed.

But scouts for the show are still on the hunt for potential housemates and are inviting them to try out for the new run.

One of those approached to join the housemate line up was Petersfield Councillor Sarah Brown, the UK’s only transgender politician.

However she was quick to politely decline the invitation to go for an audition.

“I didn’t think it would be good way to address trans issues,” Cllr Brown said. “I don’t think raising awareness for a sensitive view of trans issues is really what shows like Big Brother are about – they are there to try to create conflict and interesting social situations.”

She added to the Cambridge News website: “My role as a councillor is to serve the city of Cambridge and not to be part of a media sideshow.”

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Big Brother will air on Channel 5 from June with a new celebrity series starting in August.

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