Britain’s Got Talent: Ant and Dec bought “matching” holiday homes!

Geordie duo Ant and Dec have been best mates for over 20 years so we know that the Britain’s Got Talent presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are close…

However, today The Sun reported that the pair have bought “matching holiday homes” in Portugal – which will “stand side by side” apparently.

Ant and Dec best mates
Ant and Dec best mates

It’s truly rather dazzling that they are as cut off screen as they are on-screen would it say it isn’t?

MarkMeets reported a week ago that the TV hosts were not hoping to tackle any more TV shows as they presently have enough deal with Saturday Night Takeaway, I’m a Celebrity, BGT and the rest!

However, returning to their coordinating occasion homes, and the daily paper reports that the upmarket burrows will have private swimming pools, “sprawling grounds” and best of all, each will have a bespoke bar.

The perplexing brags a green, a rec center, tennis courts, a private shoreline and an “armada” of driver driven autos that are at the property holders’ transfer.

A source who’s obviously near to the pair said, “Ground dwelling insect and Dec truly are experiencing the fantasy.

“Anyhow, they work so hard, they merit a touch of extravagance.”

Undoubtedly they do. Take a gander at them there above, flagellating their guts out…

We will obviously get the opportunity to see Ant and Dec on our tellyboxes again today evening time with the following release of Britain’s Got Talent which pretense at 8pm on ITV

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