Coronation Street News: Michelle Keegan reveals Tina McIntyre soap spoilers

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has confessed that her character Tina McIntyre will ‘go out of control’ during her fling with Peter Barlow.

Tina will embark on the ill-advised romance after falling for Barlow’s charms while helping out as a childminder for his son Simon.

Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan

Michelle said that the fling will be Tina’s ‘most passionate’ romance.

Keegan explained: “Peter had never been on Tina’s radar, but suddenly she feels completely out of control.

“She’s never felt like this about anyone before. She didn’t really have a passionate relationship with Tommy, but she can see herself having one with Peter.”

She continued: “Tina is troubled by her feelings because she really likes Carla and she’s not the sort of girl to do that to another woman. It’s hard because she finds herself weakening whenever Peter is around.

“It gets to a point where Tina tells Peter that it might be best if she stops looking after Simon because she feels so out of control around him.”

Michelle revealed that Tina will hope that Peter does not go through with his planned wedding to Carla Connor.

She added: “If he does, I’m not sure Tina will enjoy sticking around to watch the marriage unfold.

“The thought of being ‘the other woman’ pains her.”

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