Craig Charles overlooked by producers for Takeshi’s Castle reboot

Craig Charles hasn’t been asked to return for the Takeshi’s Castle reboot, the Moneybags presenter revealed.

It was announced earlier this year that the Japanese game show is being given a reboot by Amazon Prime Video.

The popular show sees contestants complete a series of near-impossible physical trials set by a count, often with some pretty savage results, and ran from 1986 to 1990.

Craig narrated the programme between 2002 and 2004 for Challenge TV, dubbing fans as ‘Keshi heads,’ before Dick and Dom took over.

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It hasn’t yet been confirmed who will be narrating the revival, but Craig admitted he hasn’t been asked.

When asked if he would return for the revival, the Coronation Street star said: ‘They’d have to ask first. It’s certainly something I’d look at – I had such fun doing it.’

He added that ‘there was no script’, and he ‘used to go to the pub at 12 o’clock in the afternoon with about four pints of lager,’ before returning to the recording booth.

‘You just say what you see and you can be so irreverent at tea time, it was such a fun thing to do,’ he continued.

‘But they haven’t asked yet.’

Craig also presented gladiator-style game show Robot Wars from 1998 to 2004, which was later rebooted for two years from 2016.

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‘When they revived Robot Wars they never asked,’ Craig said, adding: ‘They wanted to go down a different route, it’s their prerogative.

‘I think sometimes people don’t understand television in many ways, they don’t realise that nostalgia sells and when you mess with people’s nostalgia sometimes they get upset.’

He added: ‘But I went off and did The Gadget Show, they only got 12 episodes of Robot Wars, I’ve got hundreds of episodes of the gadget show, so I mean, I suppose financially for me The Gadget Show was better to do than Robot Wars.’

The BBC Radio DJ is now returning for the second series of Moneybags, and speaking about his stint hosting a game-show, he said: ‘I always thought I wanted to do one, and thought I’d be quite good at that, but it’s just getting the opportunity I suppose, so I’m grateful to have the opportunity with a game that fits my personality and a game that I’d love to play myself, it’s a great game.’

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