Derry Girls star confirms “exciting things” for James in season 3

The third instalment will see the gang pushing the boundaries of their teenage years further as they await their GCSE results and their entry into adulthood. In the wider world, the Good Friday Agreement is on the horizon, bringing a more hopeful future for their hometown after decades of violence.

Chatting about her final outing in the role, Saoirse-Monica Jackson promised a new maturity from her character Erin.

“I think Erin has this wavering unsureness about herself through the first two series, but she has this bravado, I think that she gains from Michelle,” she said. “I often think about it like Claire’s probably like a good angel on her shoulder, and Michelle’s the bad one. But she always has this sort of false bravado that she’s really confident in what she’s saying, but I think in series 3 we see her own that a bit more.

“And she’s really found a bit more confidence in herself and who she is and trust in her moral compass a bit more. Obviously there’s still always madness, but I think that we see like a lot more of a competence with her and a bit more of an understanding. And I think that she’s really pressed to make some decisions on her opinions about what’s going on in her home town and where she stands on certain issues.”

She continued: “And I found that that’s a real thing as well, you know, when you’re a teenager, you don’t just have your or everyone else’s political views and I think that that’s an amazing time to have in a character that’s so young, that she actually takes a step back to go: Hold on, how do I feel about this? And I think that’s a real testament to Erin. It’s quite remarkable. Really, that’s such an Erin thing to say. She’s quite remarkable.”

Dylan Llewellyn as James and Saoirse Monica Jackson as Erin in Derry Girls

Meanwhile, speaking about how her kooky character Orla blossoms in season 3, Derry Girls star Louisa Harland said: “I believe that Orla finds her voice even more. I think she speaks out loud a little bit more. Still very much to the sound of her own drum, but yeah, I think I think you get more of Orla this time around.

Dylan Llewellyn, who plays James or the “wee English fella” in the sitcom, echoed: “I feel the same way with James. I feel like he’s got more of a voice with what he says, and he isn’t always shut down. And it’s nice that he’s been accepted a bit more. And there are some exciting things that happen for him in season 3.”

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Nicola Coughlan’s character Clare, who’s always been the anxious teacher’s pet of the gang.

Speaking about Clare’s journey in season 3, Coughlan said: “Clare is still very much a nervous wreck. Doesn’t know what to do with herself. She’s just ticking along, just being really mega stressed. And also deeply involved about her exams and school and all of that kind of thing. But she definitely, definitely goes on a journey.”

Additional reporting by Abby Robinson.

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Derry Girls season 3 airs on Channel 4 and All4 on Tuesday 12th April. Looking for something else to watch? Visit our Drama hub or check out our TV Guide.

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