EastEnders’ Lola Pearce makes emotional confession about Lexi as Janine Butcher receives traumatic news

Lola Pearce vows to survive her brain tumour in emotional scenes in EastEnders as Ben shared his concern about Lola being unable to care for Lexi alone and suggested they tell their daughter about Lola’s health situation. A concerned Ben soon left as Lola encouraged his exit.

Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) found Lola (Danielle Harold) sleeping on the sofa at home following her radiotherapy – treatment of which Lexi is unaware.

In Kathy’s, Ben spoke with Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) about his hopes for getting Lola some experimental treatment abroad with money from selling the Arches. Jay, however, showed his faith in Lola’s current doctors and thinks there is nothing else they can do.

But Ben refused to stand by and do nothing while they continue to keep the truth of Lola’s situation from Lexi. Whilst at home, Billy was caring for Lola before Jay and Ben returned to speak with her.

Lola got upset as Ben began to list the potential side effects of her treatments, and warned her about Lexi finding out about her illness in the wrong way.

Billy and Jay began to agree with Ben, but this only upset Lola more and she remained adamant that she does not want to burden Lexi with the reality of the situation.

At the park, Ben approached a sad Lola once again and revealed he is keen to protect Lexi, too. Lola was adamant that she will be okay as Ben shared his research regarding experimental treatment and his plans to sell the Arches.

Ben reminded her that Lexi is going to notice the impact of Lola’s treatment, upsetting Lola more and prompting her to be sick before heading home.

At home, Lola spoke with Ben and revealed she is aware of the hardship to come, but is most scared for Lexi and wants to remain normal with her.

She remains adamant that she is going to survive and aims to keep things normal for Lexi as long as possible – but will tell her eventually.

A supportive Ben hugged Lola towards the end of the episode.

Fans will be aware that the storyline is building towards the tragic death of Lola, which will surely bring highly emotional scenes.

Elsewhere, Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) found partner Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) investigating Sophia, the online love interest of besotted Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman).

Rocky’s lack of help for busy Kathy, however, led to her expressing anger.

In response, Rocky set about helping sell Kathy’s cakes which had been iced with a spelling mistake by getting them battered to re-sell.

The cakes were a hit, but deputy market inspector Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) shut down the stall for a lack of paperwork and plans to report Kathy to the council, leaving Rocky in a deeper row with Kathy.

Later, Rocky discussed his problems regarding Kathy with her grandson Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) who encouraged him to appeal to Kathy’s emotional side and not try to win her over with flash gifts.

Bobby, Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) and Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) helped Rocky surprise Kathy with fairy lights, music, a song and a dance. Rocky then apologised to Kathy for not being helpful enough with her.Rocky then asked Kathy to be part of a partnership with him and professed his love to her, prompting Kathy to assume he is about to propose and she accepts before he asks.

Initially, Rocky looks shocked but soon celebrates with her, clearly hiding his concern. Why would Rocky be so concerned?

Finally, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) tried to speak to Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) about Kheerat (Jaz Deol), who has stopped taking his mother’s calls.

On the burger stall later, Stacey recalled fond times with Kheerat while speaking with Eve Unwin (Heather Peace). Stacey reveals that she thinks Suki is struggling and notes that Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) is putting her down. Stacey makes clear her dislike of Nish.


Janine Butcher and Mick Carter were delivered distressing news in tonight’s EastEnders.

Following on from her nasty fall on Monday, Tuesday’s episode (22nd November 2022) saw Janine (Charlie Brooks) attended to in the Underground Tube station, while in the pub, partner Mick (Danny Dyer) shared his excitement over the pregnancy with Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), who asked him to be thoughtful regarding ex-wife Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

Linda herself was on her way to meet her community payback officer when she spotted Janine being loaded into an ambulance and Janine asked Linda to stay with her.

Mick was stuck in the very busy pub and his phone was knocked behind boxes and the pub landline was ignored.

In the ambulance, Linda did her best to comfort Janine but spotted that she was bleeding, prompting a paramedic to check her. Janine began to panic and fear she was losing her baby. Linda continued to encourage Janine and will her to continue.

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At the hospital, Janine was taken away by doctors as Linda tried to get through to Mick, who dealt with the crowded pub as Linda’s community payback officer arrived in the pub looking for her.

Mick realised his phone was missing and began searching for it – in the meantime, he smoothed things over with the community payback officer.

Mick’s mother Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) eventually found the phone and let Mick know, prompting him to race to the hospital.

In the hospital, Janine underwent another ultrasound scan and the nurse noted that the baby’s heart was beating well but then looked concerned, worrying Janine.

A worried Mick arrived at the hospital and Linda sent him to where Janine was before taking a call herself from her displeased community payback officer.

Mick apologised to Janine and comforted her when the doctor arrived and revealed that the baby is fine for now but that Janine may have suffered a partial placental abruption.
In the case of a complete abruption, oxygen and nutrients would be cut off to the baby.

The doctors revealed that they were trying to ascertain the level of the severity of the abruption, but that in the worst-case scenario there was a 15% chance that the baby wouldn’t survive and that there could be delays in development and possible premature birth.

At the conclusion of the episode, Mick promised an emotional Janine that it’s going to be alright. Will the pair’s hopes for a child be dashed?

In tomorrow’s episode, Mick looks set to confide in Linda, but is spotted by Janine – will this bring about more devastating consequences?

The storyline is, of course, building up to the exits of both Mick Carter and Janine Butcher over the festive period – but will they be leaving together?

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