Emily in Paris Season 3 Plot And Shocker Explained: Who’s Pregnant?

The below contains spoilers for Emily in Paris Season 3.Everything is not what it seems on Emily in Paris Season 3.

We last saw Miss Cooper (Lily Collins) about to profess her love for Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) but was caught off guard after he revealed that he had reconciled with his ex-girlfriend Camille (Camille Razat).

After Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat) moved back in together in the second season’s finale, Emily (Lily Collins) must put on a brave face and ignore the fact that she was just about to confess her love for Gabriel. Throughout the third season, Emily pushes her feelings for Gabriel away to explore a relationship with Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), who has taken a job in Paris and befriended Gabriel with no knowledge of Emily’s history with her handsome neighbor.

Meanwhile, Gabriel and Camille’s relationship is on rocky ground. He devotes himself to his restaurant, which he is finally getting to open in his image with Antoine (William Abadie) taking a step back, as Camille secretly devotes herself to an artist, Sofia (Melia Kreiling), from her gallery.

What Happens in the ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Finale?I

In the third season’s finale, following Gabriel and Camille’s sudden engagement, Emily, Alfie, and Mindy (Ashley Park) join them at Camille’s parents’ château in Champagne for an extravagant engagement party. To everyone’s surprise, the party suddenly converts to an impromptu wedding, as Camille’s family just so happens to have a perfect spot on the grounds for the two to tie the knot. However, Camille has a few other things on her mind. One is Emily finally confronting her about what’s going on with Sofia, as Emily saw them kissing a few weeks back and then witnessed a lover’s quarrel at a restaurant earlier in the episode. The second is what she has only just witnessed between Emily and Gabriel at the party, both happier than ever as Luc (Bruno Gouery) informs them that his girlfriend will be giving Gabriel’s reinvented restaurant a Michelin star.

During the wedding, after Gabriel makes his vow to Camille, she doesn’t follow suit. Instead, Camille finally addresses the elephant in the room, which is that Emily and Gabriel have been in love since she arrived in Paris and would be together if not for the scheme she concocted with her mother to trick Emily into cutting Gabriel out of her life with a manipulative pinky swear. Camille calls off the ceremony, leaving as she yells at her mother to stop trying to live vicariously through her. Unfortunately, Alfie is a witness to the entire spectacle as well, coming to understand the truth that he was Emily’s second choice as he breaks things off with Emily and takes his leave as well. Then, just when it seems like Emily and Gabriel will finally get their chance to be together unencumbered, a new twist is thrown their way: Camille is pregnant.

What Does This Mean for Emily and Gabriel’s Relationship?

The twist, which is somehow both predictable and unpredictable simultaneously, explains Gabriel’s sudden shift to thinking about marriage and children and the uptick in his relationship after Camille’s return from Greece. Before that, he had been focusing too hard on the restaurant and drunkenly spilled to Emily about his love for both her and Camille and how he could tell something was off in his relationship. Given how Gabriel doesn’t chase after Camille at the end of the finale and finds Emily instead, it doesn’t seem like he will fight to keep his romantic relationship with Camille going. Like her, it seems as though Gabriel has accepted the inevitable. Nonetheless, this pregnancy changes just about everything in Emily and Gabriel’s love story, providing yet another hurdle for the two to somehow contend with if they want to be together.

Given who Gabriel is and what he was willing to do after learning about the pregnancy, there’s no doubt that he will step up and be a good father to this child. He’ll do whatever he can to support Camille, both while she’s pregnant and afterward. He’s already taken steps to get more money to provide more for his child, taking control of the restaurant to leave a legacy for his child to inherit, and altogether bettering his life to be the father he dreamed he would be. He had, seemingly, mapped everything out. So, the remaining question is whether Emily fits into his future.

As for Emily, this pregnancy leaves her in an impossible situation. Even if Gabriel and Camille aren’t together, and Camille is finally giving up on this relationship, they’re tied together forever if Camille has this child. Plus, whether she was aware of it or not, Camille has always gotten in the middle of Emily and Gabriel’s blossoming feelings. What’s to say this will be any different when there are potentially two people that Gabriel will turn his attention to over Emily? This new reality is going to test Emily on a whole new level. Emily has been somewhat insecure in almost all of her relationships thus far, excluding her friendship with Mindy, and this is going to challenge her mentally and emotionally. Does she have the capacity to step aside, even as Gabriel’s partner, to let Gabriel and Camille welcome their child into the world and remain in each other’s lives forever? And, should their romance progress, does Emily even want to be this child’s stepmother or have kids of her own?

If Gabriel and Emily are ever going to be together, the series is going to have to dive deeper into these characters. There’s a lot the audience doesn’t know about them or their relationship. This twist has the capacity to bring them closer together or tear them apart. We haven’t even seen Emily and Gabriel in a relationship with one another yet, only as star-crossed lovers with the universe against them. This twist could also finally allow Emily and Camille to work through their issues and become true friends, something the audience has never seen as Emily has been lying to her practically since the day they met.

Whatever the case, it’s impossible to guess what the outcome will be for Emily and Gabriel. There are many routes the series could take with this twist, but the ending of the third season feels somewhat similar to the ending of the first season where Emily and Gabriel were given a chance to be together but didn’t seize it because of Camille. Will history repeat itself? Or will they finally give their love a shot, come what may? As Emily has already learned time and time again, nothing is easy in Paris.

Every episode of Emily in Paris is now streaming on Netflix. Emily in Paris season three is set to drop on the streaming platform at 8am on Wednesday December 21.

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