First look photo of Michelle Keegan in Our Girl series 3

The New 12-part series has started filming and will include a Nepalese adventure for Lance Corporal Georgie Lane

Michelle Keegan is returning to action with a third series of Our Girl following the military highs and lows of her character Lance Corporal Georgie Lane.

The third series follows three separate missions, the first being a relief operation in Nepal following an earthquake (and where the picture was taken).

Michelle Keegan 2017

Luke Pasqualino (The Musketeers, Skins) will return as Special Forces officer Elvis Harte, alongside Ben Aldridge (Lark Rise to Candleford, Fleabag) as Captain James.

The troops from Two Section will include Rolan Bell (EastEnders) as Kingy, Sean Sagar (Top Boy) as Monk, Simon Lennon (Grantchester) as Brains, Sean Ward (Coronation Street) as Fingers, Mark Armstrong as Spanner, Dwane Walcott as Peanut and Ashley Houston as Dyno.

New cast include Rudi Dharmalingam (Rellik) as Milan and Harki Bhambra (Two Doors Down) as Rab.

Shalom Brune-Franklin (Barracuda, Crossing The Border) will also play a new character, Private Maisie Richards.

Keegan took over role as the drama’s lead from actress Lacey Turner – who played Molly Dawes – after the latter returned to EastEnders.

In the last series Georgie Lane went on a humanitarian tour to Kenya, where she was kidnapped by Al Shabaab, with the series culminating in a wedding day showdown.

Michelle Keegan, says: “I’m so happy to be shooting the new series of Our Girl out in Nepal and so very excited to bring more stories of Georgie Lane to life. It’s an amazing experience to be working on such important stories with such an incredible group of people”.

Tony Grounds added: “On a disaster relief mission to Nepal after an earthquake hits the country, 2 Section are thrown into a perilous and life-changing situation. Michelle Keegan brilliantly reprising her role as Corporal Georgie Lane shows remarkable courage in the face of adversity and inspires the troops to perform their duty with bravery and compassion.”

Our Girl returns to BBC1 later this year

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