Gillian McKeith confirmed to enter CBB house tonight

Nutritionist and poo inspector Gillian McKeith is said to be joining the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house later this week as she attempts to shake things up with her sugar ban.

The ‘You Are What You Eat’ star, who has earnt the nickname ‘Dr Poo’ by inspecting people’s poop to assess their diet, is set to shake things up in the infamous abode by enforcing a strict ban on sugar, alcohol and cigarettes.

Gillian McKeith

A source told The Daily Star: ”The show will end up being nicknamed Celebrity Bog Brother.

”Gillian is going to cause havoc in there with her rule book. Expect tears, tantrums and walkouts. It is bound to tip some housemates over the edge.”

Gillian’s rumoured arrival comes just a week after David Gest and the late David Bowie’s ex-wife Angie Bowie decided to leave the turbulent house due to poor health.

It’s not known for sure when the tough-talking health guru, 56, will join the housemates but it’s thought she could enter as a special guest in tonight’s episode (26.01.16) when the celebrities get stuck in to a new shopping task.

Meanwhile, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ presenter Emma Willis set tongues wagging about a new housemate earlier this week when she teased the ”soon” arrival of a contestant.

Initially, fans thought Stephanie Davis’ boyfriend Sam Reece had agreed to enter in a bid to confront the actress about her flirtatious antics with model Jeremy McConnell.

However, Sam poured cold water on the rumours earlier this week but wished the person – now known to be Gillian – who is entering the ”mad house” the best of luck.

He said on Twitter: ”It’s not me but good luck whoever goes into the mad house (sic).”

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