What better way to kick off the day than a new album from Ginger Wildheart !
The Year Of The Fanclub is released on February 12th on the Round Records label. 
The album’s 12 original songs include a duet with Courtney Love and present a snapshot of the tracks produced for G.A.S.S. , with the track listing personally chosen by Ginger.
Back in 2014, after four highly successful fan funded album album campaigns (555%, Hey! Hello!, Mutation and Albion) Ginger Wildheart looked at what could be the next step in fan connectivity and the answer was G*A*S*S (Ginger Associated Secret Society) an immersive subscription, digitally based fanclub platform that saw Ginger delivering a new 3 track single every month for a year, along with demos and previously unreleased material direct from his personal vaults. 

Tied in with this was an unparalleled (not to mention unfiltered) level of access to Ginger himself with each month giving fans podcasts, Q&A’s, personal diary entries, film reviews  along with a slew of exclusive merchandise options and with the sites stunning array of artwork updated each month.
Year Of The Fanclub  is released on February 12th through the Round Records label and features Ginger’s personal favourites from the massive 36 song session. 
The G*A*S*S club is still very much available for subscription at
The Year Of The Fanclub  track listing 
01 Down The Dip.
02 Honour. featuring Courtney Love 
03 El Mundo (Slow Fatigue)
04 The Last Day Of Summer.
05 Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now.
06 The Pendine Incident.
07 Do You?
08 If You Find Yourself In London Town.
09 Toxins & Tea.
10 No One Smiled At Me Today.
11 Ostracide.
12 Don’t Lose Your Tail, Girl.
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