Here are the most watched TV shows in Australia

Australia has a vibrant television industry with a wide range of shows that capture the attention of viewers across the country. From locally produced content to international imports, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the most watched TV shows in Australia, discuss popular channels, and highlight the television landscape in the country.

TV Shows Filmed in Australia

Australia has become a popular filming location for both local and international TV shows. The country’s diverse landscapes, favorable weather conditions, and skilled production teams make it an attractive destination for television production. Here are a few TV shows that have been filmed in Australia:

  1. “Neighbours”: This long-running Australian soap opera is set in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough and has been a staple of Australian television since 1985 to 2022 with a welcome return this year. It follows the lives of the residents of Ramsay Street and has gained a loyal following both locally and internationally.
  2. “Home and Away”: Another iconic Australian soap opera, “Home and Away” is set in the fictional beachside town of Summer Bay. The show has been on the air since 1988 and is known for its compelling storylines and talented cast.
  3. “Wentworth”: This critically acclaimed drama series is set in a women’s prison and explores the lives of the inmates and prison staff. It has gained a dedicated fan base for its gripping storytelling and strong performances.
  4. “Doctor Doctor”: Formerly known as “The Heart Guy,” this Australian drama series follows the life of a talented heart surgeon who is forced to work as a general practitioner in a small country town. It combines humor, drama, and romance to create an engaging storyline.
  5. “The Voice Australia”: Based on the international format, “The Voice Australia” is a popular singing competition that showcases the country’s musical talent. It features a panel of celebrity coaches who mentor and guide the contestants.

These are just a few examples of TV shows filmed in Australia. The country’s television industry continues to attract productions from around the world, contributing to its rich and diverse programming.

The Most Popular Channel in Australia

When it comes to television channels in Australia, one network stands out as the most popular: Channel Seven. Channel Seven has a long-standing history in Australian television and offers a wide range of programming, including news, dramas, reality shows, and sports coverage. It consistently delivers high ratings and has a loyal viewer base.

Channel Seven is known for its flagship programs such as “My Kitchen Rules,” a cooking competition that pits teams against each other in a culinary showdown, and “House Rules,” a home renovation show where contestants transform houses for a chance to win a life-changing prize. These shows, among others, have helped solidify Channel Seven’s position as the go-to channel for many Australian viewers.

In addition to Channel Seven, other prominent television channels in Australia include Channel Nine, Network Ten, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), and SBS (Special Broadcasting Service). Each channel offers a unique mix of content, catering to different interests and demographics.


Australia’s television landscape is diverse and vibrant, offering a wide array of TV shows that capture the attention of audiences across the country. From long-running soap operas to gripping dramas and entertaining reality shows, there is no shortage of quality programming.

In this article, we explored some of the most watched TV shows in Australia, including popular productions filmed in the country and the most popular channel, Channel Seven. Whether you’re a fan of Australian-made content or enjoy international imports, the Australian television industry has something for everyone.

So, grab your remote and tune in to experience the captivating world of TV shows in Australia!

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