Kaley Cuoco Says Chopping Off Her Hair During The Big Bang Theory Was a Major Regret

Kaley Cuoco was on The Big Bang Theory for twelve seasons, which meant we saw her looks change from sexy and innocent to more mature.

The Flight Attendant actress noted that Penny evolved on the show by seeing her cute girl next door look evolve to dressing up more professionally later on. When looking back at her time on The Big Bang Theory, she remembers that time she chopped off her hair and the major regret she had with that choice.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory were used to seeing Penny with her signature long blonde hair whether it was left wavy, straight, or with bangs. Then in Season 8, Kaley Cuoco drastically changed her look by getting a pixie cut that people couldn’t stop talking about.  Cuoco shared:

I just fucking cut my hair off and didn’t tell anyone. I did it for an independent film called Burning Bodhi, and basically showed up to our Big Bang wrap party with short hair. Chuck [Lorre] hugged me and said, ‘Wow, look at your hair!’ and I said, ‘Do you like it?’ I don’t know if I was being rebellious. I mean, I did do it for the movie, which was my excuse to cut it. At that point we were heading into our eighth season and something needed to shake up.

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