Kara Tointon and Mel Giedroyc talk about ‘The Sound of Music Live’

Kara Tointon and Mel Giedroyc speak about their upcoming Christmas telly treat, The Sound of Music Live, which will air on ITV on 20th December.

Kara explained: “It starts with ‘The Hills are Alive’ and if I can get past that hill, I’m alright actually because that song is the difficult one, it’s nerve wracking because people love the movie so much, it’s one of those nostalgic special things for a lot of people but this is ITV doing something a little bit different and brave and rather than trying to compare – because you can’t, because the movie is so perfect – it’s a celebration of a piece of writing that people have taken into their hearts.”

Kara Tointon and Mel Giedroyc

Mel spoke about getting ready for her role as Frau Schmidt who has typically been played by older actresses in the past. “They sort of draw on or rather fill in the wrinkles that are already there so they do lots of crow’s feet, they enhance the wrinkles that are already there and I’m going to have my hair dyed grey, I’m going grey lads!”

Mel’s character doesn’t have a song in the stage musical and she explained that her children were keen to make one up for her: “I can hold a tune but my kids very sweetly were a bit cross that I don’t have a song on the show, they’ve written one… with a special dance!”

Of the show, Mel said, “It’s going to be awesome” and Kara added, “We are rehearsing as if we are doing a play but we only get the one shot I guess. It’s lovely because it’s that live element and we’re rehearsing as a play but over sets so it feels really intimate and small and real.”

Former Strictly Come Dancing winner, Kara, spoke about who she is backing to win this year. “We like Anita [Rani]” she said with Mel agreeing, “I’d like Anita to win.”

Kara added, “Georgia is gorgeous, there’s such a good level all over the table [this series]” and Mel added that she would like Jay McGuinness to win.

Jonathan, Kara, John and Mel performed some dance moves, showing off their ‘Rhumba Walk’.

Later in the show, Mel talked about the live element of ITV’s version of The Sound of Music Live and joked about the differences she would like to see. “I’d like somebody that’s not meant to be in the Abbey to appear in the Abbey window, that would be quite good wouldn’t it?”

Whilst filming for The Jonathan Ross Show “We could get you in there” with Jonathan agreeing to have a cameo, “I’ll walk around the back if you want, I’ll come dressed as a monk!” They all laughed.

Kara talked about having to yodel in the performance and got Mel, Jonathan and John yodelling alongside her: “That’s the one bit I’m really confident with, I don’t know if it’s the official yodel but it’s The Sound of Music yodel” she said.

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