John Bishop reveals his best chat up lines

Comedian, John Bishop has spoken about teaching his sons chat up lines and how he met his wife.

Speaking about empty nest syndrome as his sons are starting to leave home, John said: “What we’ve been doing, we’ve been trying to realise that they’re going to go and instead Melanie has just been replacing them with animals.

John Bishop

I thought, they’re going to go and we’re going to travel the world and we’ll have bohemian holidays but we can’t now because we’ve got a menagerie instead.”

The Liverpudlian comic also spoke about his sons, and their dating lives.

“I had this thing where I was trying to explain chatting up to my kids who just don’t get it because they don’t have to do it… I had a conversation with my 17 year old about mistletoe… He said, ‘Dad I’m on Tinder’ but for a generation of us, mistletoe was like happy time for ugly people!”

John shared the story whilst filming for The Jonathan Ross Show of how he met his wife Melanie: “The first time I saw Melanie, I was in a library at university and I just walked over to her and I said, ‘I’ll be back in a minute and we’ll go for a coffee’ and she said, ‘how do you know I want to go for a coffee with you?’ and I said, ‘Because you do.’”

He continued: “And then I just walked away and left her for 45 minutes… I was a young man full of confidence and then when I came back, I said, ‘Let’s go’ and then it went from there… I went home to my student house that I was in and I said [to my mate that I was living with]… ‘I’ve met the girl I’m going to marry’ and he said, ‘I bet you haven’t’ and because I hate losing a bet…” he laughed.

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