Kylie Minogue prefers The Voice Australia to the UK version

Former The Voice UK coach Kylie Minogue has claimed that the British show The Voice isn’t all that great compared to the Aussie Version.

Kylie who is currently a judge on the Australisn version claims the UK set was dark, small and boring and highlighted the “quality of the contestants”.

Kylie Minogue prefers The Voice Australia to the UK series | MarkMeets TV News
She told the Mirror: “We were in Manchester in a nice studio, but it’s smaller and it’s darker and it’s 4pm, icy cold.

“When we started to film the blind auditions in Australia it was January, so it was a beautiful day. “It’s a blue sky, everyone’s happy, you’re walking around in your songs.”

Okay, so we can’t really argue with the weather, but Kylie also said: “Apart from because I’m home, here it feels much more of a commercial show, more spectacular, almost gladiatorial.

“It’s kind of bigger and glitzier… with a much smaller population we do it much bigger and I have to say the quality of the contestants is pretty extraordinary.”

While Kylie won’t be back on The Voice UK next year, she said she would be up for a comeback in 2016.

Kylie told Alan Carr last month: “Not next season. I’ll know that I’ll miss it. When the next series comes around, I’ll be watching like all of you guys.”

She explained: “I just can’t go back next season as I am on tour, but the season after that… it’s an open book. Let’s see.”

The Voice UK producer Moira Ross previously told TV Times that she hopes that Kylie hasn’t gone for good and is just on a bit of a break.

“Kylie’s doing her world tour, so she’s not available for series four’s filming dates,” she said. “But hopefully we’ll have her back for series five.

“So it’s a little hiatus.”


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