Lee Ryan’s mum has been in tears watching him on Celebrity Big Brother 2014:

Lee Ryan’s antics on Celebrity Big Brother 2014 have reduced even his own mum to tears.

We would’ve thought that Lee’s mother would’ve seen it all by now but apparently even she’s hiding behind the pillow as she tunes in to the daily highlights.

Lee Ryan's mum has been in tears watching him on Celebrity Big Brother 2014:

“I turned it off and put my head under the covers and cried my eyes out,” Lee’s mum Sheila said last week of Lee’s latest house capers. “I went in to work the next day (Sheila has her own hairdressing and beauty salon) still upset and crying, and my daughter Gemma came in to see me.

“She said, ‘Mum it was funny – it was great TV. There’s far worse things on telly’.”

“All the same, I never want to watch it. I think Big Brother has gone too far this time and I feel uncomfortable at the way they have manipulated situations. They are all adults and they can do what they want but there are other sides to people (in the house) that they are not showing.”

Speaking to Reveal magazine, Sheila defended Lee from the boos he’s been getting from the live crowd on eviction nights.

She said: “Lee is a lovely, funny person with the kindest heart, which often gets him in to trouble. I remember when he was twelve, he asked me for a new pair of shoes. I always bought him Clark’s because they last a long time, but he wanted something more fashionable at the time. I was a single mum of two – and money was tight. My first salon had just taken off, and I had to find the cash to pay Lee’s fees for the Italia Conti Stage School but I said to him, ‘Okay, you can choose what you like’.”

Shelia added: “He’s done this to earn money for his children – that’s the sole reason. Although he will beat himself up when he comes out over how he’s been judged. But he’s got a really strong network of family and friends around him and that’s what’s important. We’ll piece him back together.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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