Mario Falcone and Chloe Sims call time on secret romance

The pair had stunned their closest friends and family – as well as viewers – when they were photographed kissing on a night out in London.

However, it appears TOWIE co-stars Mario Falcone’s secret romance with Chloe Sims is over before it barely begun.

Mario Falcone and Chloe Sims call time on secret romance
Mario comes round to talk to Chloe about their not-so-secret romance

Following the recent revelations, both Mario and Chloe had some explaining to do with her brother Charlie – who is the former’s best friend.

Mario explained: ‘I’m seeing a girl I really, really like. It was really hard to talk to anyone about it.’

Charlie had already spoken to his sister about Mario so knew she was developing feelings for him: ‘From Chloe’s point of view, she does like you…’

Mario continued: ‘One of the reasons we didn’t want it to come out is everyone in Essex gets involved. I can’t emotionally deal with it all again.’

Charlie then laid down the law: ‘I wouldn’t tolerate her being mucked around. As a man, you need to sit down and tell her where it’s going.’

Meanwhile, it appears Chloe’s best friend Lauren Pope was angry over the whole situation and hadn’t spoken to her since the revelations.

Lauren insisted she didn’t have feelings for Mario, despite their drunken kiss last summer.

She said: ‘I thought we were tight. I thought she would have enough respect to come and say to me, “I have feelings for Mario”.

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