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Catch up with the cast of the new insider trading drama which also featuring Neil Maskell and Matthew McNulty

Cleaning Up TV Sheridan Smith

First airing Wed 9th Jan Sheridan Smith leads the cast of Cleaning Up – a brand new drama on ITV shows the dangerous world of insider trading.

The series follows one woman’s struggle to make ends meet and explores the risks she will take to provide for her children in this new family drama.

Get to know the cast and characters below…

Sheridan Smith as Sam

Sheridan Smith, Cleaning Up (ITV)

Who is Sam? An office cleaner and working class mother, Sam is strapped for cash and has an online gambling addiction, but when she discovers she has access to valuable stock market information, she sees a way out of her money troubles.

What else has Sheridan Smith starred in? The Bafta-winning actress began her career starring in sitcoms Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, The Royle Family and Gavin and Stacey, and has since gone on to win critical acclaim – and plenty of awards – for her roles in Cilla, Mrs Biggs, The C Word and The Moorside, to name a few. She recently starred in BBC drama Care and is set to appear in the forthcoming drama Adult Material.

Jade Anouka as Jess

Jade Anouka, Cleaning Up (ITV)

Who is Jess? Sam’s best friend and colleague Jess is in some ways her moral compass. Generally more level-headed, she is also struggling for money.

What else has Jade Anouka starred in? Anouka is best known for starring in Trauma, but has also been seen in Chewing Gum and is set to appear in the forthcoming movies The Rhythm Section, Fisherman’s Friends and The Dark Channel. She’s appeared in a number of stage productions, including The Old Vic’s Cover My Tracks. 

Matthew McNulty as Dave

Matthew McNulty, Cleaning Up (ITV)

Who is Dave? Sam is separated from her husband Dave, a split caused by her gambling addiction and his infidelity. He loves his daughters and wants what’s best for them.

What else has Matthew McNulty starred in? McNulty recently played Guillaume in Versailles, and has also starred in The Terror, The Musketeers, The Mill, The Paradise, Jamaica Inn and Misfits. He’s set to appear in forthcoming ITV drama The Bay starring Morven Christie.

Ben Bailey Smith as Blake

Ben Bailey Smith in Cleaning Up, ITV Pictures

Who is Blake? Blake works in the office where Sam and Jess clean. He’s often there late and is dismissive and rude to those cleaning – but it isn’t long before they figure out there’s a reason he’s choosing to stay behind his desk long after everyone else has left.

What else has Ben Bailey Smith starred in? Also known by his stage name Doc Brown, Bailey Smith works as a rapper comedian, actor and screenwriter. He played DS Joe Hawkins in Law & Order: UK and Nathan in CBBC’s 4 O’Clock Club. He appeared in the David Brent film Life on the Road and appeared in last year’s Doctor Who episode The Tsuranga Conundrum. His sister is novelist Zadie Smith.

Robert Emms as Glynn

Robert Emms in Cleaning Up, ITV Pictures

Who is Glynn? In an attempt to get her hands on some extra cash, Sam rents out a room to Glynn – a PhD student who fixes appliances in his spare time.

What else has Robert Emms starred in? Emms is probably best known for playing Pythagoras in BBC fantasy drama Atlantis. He played the lead character – Albert – in War Horse on stage and went on to appear as David Lyons in Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation. Other movie credits include Mirror Mirror and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, while on TV he is also known for roles in Happy Valley, Gunpowder, The Living and the Dead and Capital.

Kristy Philipps as Alice

Kirsty Philipps, Cleaning Up (ITV)

Who is Alice? Alice is Sam’s 14-year-old daughter who is frustrated with her mother and blames everything on her.

What else has Kristy Philipps starred in? Philipps played Apelina in Will and has had small roles in Vera and Informer. She also appeared in Channel 4 documentary-drama Married to a Paedophile. 

Anya McKenna Bruce as Lily

Anya McKenna Bruce, Cleaning Up (ITV)

Who is Lily? Lily is Sam’s eight-year-old daughter and younger sister of Alice.

What else has Anya McKenna Bruce starred in? The young actress has appeared in Pls Like, Sense8 (playing Chelsea) and Kingdom.

Neil Maskell as Warren

Neil Maskell, Cleaning Up (ITV)

Who is Warren? Warren is on Sam’s tail as she owes the man he works for a lot of money.

What else has Neil Maskell starred in? The prolific TV actor is known for No Offence, Humans, The Mimic and Utopia, to name a few, and led BBC2 film Happy New Year, Colin Burstead. He is also set to appear in the forthcoming movie Instruments of Darkness alongside Rupert Grint.

Uriel Emil as Viktor

Uriel Emmil, Cleaning Up (ITV)

What else has Uriel Emil starred in? The Israeli actor has been seen in The Great Fire, Homeland and The Honourable Woman. He has also written and directed a number of shorts and is set to appear in the new series of Silent Witness.

Cleaning Up airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV

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