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Nicki Aycox Starred in Supernatural and sadly passed away last November after nearly two years battling with leukemia. She was only 47.

Aycox was beloved in the industry, with multiple top Hollywood pros speaking positively about their experiences working with her. Power actor Omari Hardwick was her co-star in Dark Blue, and he referred to her as “a mensch” to work with, and “even better as a friend.”

Aycox started acting in the late ‘90s and landed a good number of solid roles in those early years of her career. She really rose to prominence, however, when she joined the cast of Supernatural as the original Meg Masters.

She would become synonymous with this role, but there was a lot more that Aycox accomplished in her screen acting career.

9 Nicki Aycox Played A Recurring Role In Cold Case

Between 2004 and 2012, Nicki Aycox featured in a recurring role in the CBS police procedural crime drama Cold Case. Her character was known as Christina Rush, and described as a “flighty individual who has held many jobs and lived in various cities.”

Aycox played this character for a total of 12 episodes.

8 Nicki Aycox Won Plaudits For Her Performance In Jeepers Creepers 2

Nicki Aycox’s portrayal of Minxie Hayes, a psychic cheerleader in Jeepers Creepers 2 is considered one of the finest of her entire career. The actress was 28 years old when the horror sequel was released in 2003.

Jeepers Creepers 2 did not receive as much praise as its 2001 predecessor, but Aycox’s performance stood out nonetheless.

7 Nicki Aycox Worked With Halle Berry And Bruce Willis In Perfect Stranger

Halle Berry and Bruce Willis were the main stars in the James Foley psychological thriller film Perfect Stranger of 2007. There can be no shame in playing a supporting role to such megastars, which is exactly what Nicki Aycox did in the film.

The Oklahoma-born actress played a character called Grace Clayton, a childhood friend of Berry’s Rowena Price.

Fans of The X-Files franchise will remember Nicki Aycox for her depiction of the character Cheryl Cunningham in the 2008 installment, I Want to Believe.

Aycox had also previously appeared in a 1999 episode of The X-Files, the TV series on Fox. In that instance, she played the superpowered Chastity Raines in the fifth episode of Season 7, titled Rush.

5 Defying Gravity Was Nicki Aycox’s First Ever Big Screen Role

Nicki Aycox broke into the acting industry with a number of roles on television, as she featured in episodes of Weird Science, L.A. Heat, 3rd Rock from the Sun, USA High and even Boy Meets World.

Her first appearance in a movie was in the romantic drama Defying Gravity by John Keitel in 1997.

4 Nicki Aycox Enjoyed A Leading Role In Lifted

Nicki Aycox was not often the leading lady in many of her career roles, but she got to enjoy the privilege in Lexi Alexander’s Lifted in 2010. The film told the story of “Henry, a middle school student [who] finds refuge in music after he is stuck living with his drug-addicted mother when his father is deployed to Afghanistan.”

Aycox played Henry’s mother, Lisa. Lifted is in fact the actress’ highest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes, with an audience score of 91%.

Another one of Nicki Aycox’s best rated work is the 2011 drama film, Beyond the Blackboard. The movie was written by Camille Thomasson and directed by Jeff Bleckner for CBS.

Aycox portrayed a character called Candy.

2 Nicki Aycox Was Part Of The Cast Of Crime And Punishment In Suburbia

Crime and Punishment in Suburbia was another one of Nicki Aycox’s very early career roles. In the film, she featured as a girl simply known as Cecil.

The Rob Schmidt film was released in January 2000, and also starred Monica Keene, Ellen Barkin and Jeffrey Wright, among others.

1 Nicki Aycox Made A Cameo In Dead Birds

Nicki Aycox’s bank of experience in the horror genre extended to a limited role in the film Dead Birds from 2004. She played an army nurse by the name of Annabelle, who helps a group of Confederate deserters attempt a bank robbery.

Dead Birds was distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, mostly through a DVD release.

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