Noel Edmonds Promises A New Format For ‘Deal Or No Deal’

The 67-year-old television presenter has assured fans that Deal Or No Deal‘s place in history is secure, but also promises more to come.

Deal Or No Deal last aired on April 6th, and while a return later this year has been expected, there have been no specifics regarding an exact date. Channel 4 has been mum, leading some to speculate that the popular game show’s 10-plus year run on British television could be at an end.

Noel Edmonds

Long-time host Noel Edmonds, however, has done his part to quell rumours to this effect. “Yes, there will be more Deals,” he posted on, acknowledging that the show is in the middle of a break in part because Channel 4 has other events, such as the Olympics, to focus on. However, it’s what he added to this post that might interest most fans the most.

“In the tradition of my long TV career,” he said, “we will surprise you with something very different and something I’ve always wanted to do with this extraordinary format.” That certainly sounds as if Edmonds and the production team intend to shake up something that’s become a beloved and recognisable game show.

As a refresher, the current rules for the UK’s version of Deal Or No Deal are outlined comprehensively by Foxy Casino: there are 22 sealed boxes containing amounts ranging from 1p to £250,000 (with an average value of £25,712). A contestant is selected at random and assigned one case, and is then challenged to eliminate other cases from contention, periodically altering the average remaining value. At predetermined intervals, a “banker” offers a sum based on (but not necessarily equal to) that average, and the contestant can either choose to open his or her starting case and take the prize, or continue eliminating other cases to alter the next offer.

It’s essentially the same format that has worked in different versions of Deal Or No Deal around the world, and it’s been virtually unchanged for a decade in the UK. That being said, 10 years is a long run for a game show, and it may be that Edmonds is onto something that would keep the show interesting.

Stay tuned, but for now it still sounds like Deal Or No Deal will be airing new episodes before the end of the year (though assuredly after the Olympics). What exactly it will look like is anyone’s guess, though, given the comments from Edmonds.

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