Quantum Leap’s Scott Bakula Explains “Difficult Decision” To Pass on Reboot

Ever since NBC’s Quantum Leap reboot was announced, there were questions about whether original series star Scott Bakula would sign up.

Bakula confirmed that he was approached for the series but decided it was best he said no. Does he not need the cash??

“To Quantum Leap fans around the world, in an effort to quiet the rumors and move on… . First of all, thanks for hanging around through the decades,” the post begins.

“Here’s the simple version of what’s going on with the Quantum Leap reboot and me: . I have no connection with the new show, either in front of the camera or behind it.”

The star elaborated:

Las =t January, the pilot was sold and a script was sent to me because the character of Sam Beckett was in it, which makes sense, right?

As so many of you have been asking me the last several months, “How could you do QL without Sam?“ (or Al, for that matter). Well, I guess we’re about to find out.

“That’s the story,” Bakula continued.

“As the show has always been near and dear to my heart, it was a very difficult decision to pass on the project, a decision that has upset and confused so many fans of the original series.”

“However, the idea of anyone ‘leaping’ around in time and walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, remains a very appealing concept and so worthy of exploration, especially given the current state of mankind.”

“In that spirit, I am crossing my fingers that this new cast and crew are lucky enough to tap into the magic that propelled the original Quantum Leap into the hearts and minds of generations past and present. . I wish them good luck and happy leaping!”

So, there we have it.

Bakula will not be stepping back into the role any time soon.

Raymond Lee headlines the reboot.

What are your thoughts on the news?

NBC’s new iteration premiered Monday, September 19 at 10/9

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