Ranking Every Disney+ Star Wars TV series

In a not-so-distant past, in a galaxy quite close to our screens, fans of the Star Wars franchise found themselves immersed in a plethora of Star Wars shows. Thanks to Disney+, enthusiasts gained access to a treasure trove of content set within the beloved fictional universe. This article is dedicated to ranking these shows, delving into their strengths and weaknesses, and providing you with a comprehensive overview of each one. Whether you’re a seasoned Jedi Knight or a Padawan eager to learn more about the Star Wars universe, there’s something here for everyone.

Introduction to Disney+ Star Wars Shows

Since Disney’s streaming service launched in 2019, Star Wars enthusiasts have been treated to a diverse array of TV shows, each with its own unique flavor and charm. While some of these shows have soared to new heights, others have faced criticism for not living up to the immense expectations set by the Star Wars legacy. In this ranking, we will evaluate these small-screen productions, comparing them to one another and discussing their merits and drawbacks.

To be clear, this ranking focuses solely on Disney+ Star Wars shows, including the final season of “The Clone Wars,” as it was exclusively released on this streaming platform. Without further ado, let’s dive into the rankings.

9. The Book Of Boba Fett

No surprises here – “The Book of Boba Fett” claims the bottom spot on our list. While the show had its moments, upon reflection, it’s difficult to deny its underwhelming performance. Much of the plot unfolded at a languid pace, lacking the momentum that one expects from a Star Wars production. It wasn’t until Din Djarin, also known as Mando, made a sudden appearance halfway through the series that the action truly picked up.

However, herein lies the problem – the story began to revolve more around Din than the titular character, Boba Fett. When a supporting character outshines the protagonist, it raises concerns. While the series featured classic Star Wars tropes, it falls short of becoming a favorite among fans.

8. Star Wars: The Bad Batch

“Star Wars: The Bad Batch” introduced an elite group of clone troopers with unique genetic mutations that spared them from Emperor Palpatine’s Order 66. After breaking free from the Galactic Empire’s control, they embarked on a journey as mercenaries, traversing the galaxy.

This animated series provided an enjoyable ride, especially for animation enthusiasts. The first season offered intriguing backstories for several beloved characters, although the second season left much to be desired. With Season 3 set to be the show’s final installment, it seems fitting to bring this adventure to a close. While entertaining, there are superior animated offerings within the Star Wars universe.

7. Tales Of The Jedi

“Tales of the Jedi” has delivered a fantastic narrative thus far. This intimate series, comprising only six episodes, follows the journeys of two opposing Jedi, Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. Despite their differences in allegiance to the Force, both characters share commonalities that make their stories enthralling.

It was a tough decision to rank this series at number seven, given my personal affection for it. While two other animated series outshine it, “Tales of the Jedi” still offers plenty to love, from its well-crafted storytelling to its captivating musical score. With a second season in the works, there’s no better time to dive into this Star Wars gem.

6. Star Wars: Visions

For fans of both anime and Star Wars, “Star Wars: Visions” is a dream come true. This animated anthology showcases a diverse array of short films, drawing inspiration from various themes and cultures. With a total of eighteen short films spread across two seasons, the series explores the vast creative potential within the Star Wars universe.

“Star Wars: Visions” is a true delight, featuring an assortment of unique stories and animation styles that evolved from Season 1 to Season 2. The prospect of a third season is exciting, and any absence of it would surely disappoint fans.

5. Obi-Wan Kenobi

“Obi-Wan Kenobi” marked the return of Ewan McGregor to one of his most iconic roles, this time in the form of a miniseries. The show revolves around Kenobi’s mission to rescue a young Princess Leia from the clutches of the Galactic Empire, thrusting him into a conflict with his former apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, now known as Darth Vader.

The series earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series, a testament to its quality. While it may not surpass some of the other shows on this list in every aspect, it offers a great deal to appreciate. The cinematography and fight choreography are impressive, and Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen’s reprisals of their iconic roles provide memorable moments that send chills down the spines of fans.

4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (The Final Season)

“The Clone Wars” reached its triumphant conclusion with its final season, offering fans closure and new storylines to explore. For those who followed the series from its early days on Cartoon Network, this conclusion was long-awaited and well-executed.

If, by some chance, you have yet to experience the entirety of “The Clone Wars,” I wholeheartedly recommend it. In my opinion, it stands as the pinnacle of animated Star Wars storytelling, delivering a rich and immersive experience that no other animated series in the franchise can match.

3. Ahsoka

“Ahsoka” claims the third spot on our ranking. This series, featuring Rosario Dawson, serves as a spin-off of “The Mandalorian” and explores the character introduced in the 2008 animated film “The Clone Wars.” Ahsoka Tano’s journey is expanded upon in this live-action series, with the added bonus of familiar faces making appearances.

The portrayal of Ahsoka by Rosario Dawson has garnered widespread acclaim, further endearing fans to the character. The inclusion of Hayden Christensen’s return as Anakin Skywalker in a pivotal episode adds to the show’s appeal, making it a must-watch for die-hard fans.

2. The Mandalorian

“The Mandalorian” holds a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans as the series that kicked off the Disney+ era for the franchise. Starring Pedro Pascal in a standout performance, the show follows Din Djarin’s quest to protect a young Force-sensitive alien, later revealed to be named Grogu.

The first two seasons of “The Mandalorian” delivered outstanding storytelling, captivating characters, and the irresistible charm of Grogu. While the third season experienced a slight dip in quality, there remains much to love about the show, including its enriching contributions to the Star Wars lore.

1. Andor

Taking the top spot on our ranking is “Andor.” When news of this series first surfaced, expectations were high, but few anticipated just how exceptional it would turn out to be. Personally, I came to appreciate it later in its run, and it left an indelible mark.

“Andor” boasts an impeccable cast led by the talented Diego Luna, whose portrayal of Cassian Andor deserves all the accolades. What sets this series apart is its grounded narrative, brimming with drama and devoid of excessive reliance on established Star Wars elements.

Beyond its entertainment value, “Andor” offers sharp political and social commentary, elevating it to a level that even casual viewers can appreciate. As we eagerly await the release of Season 2, I wholeheartedly recommend fans and newcomers alike to dive into the first season of this remarkable series.


While there are more Star Wars shows on the horizon, the ones listed above provide a captivating journey through the diverse and ever-expanding Star Wars universe. Whether you prefer animated adventures, live-action dramas, or a blend of both, Disney+ has something for everyone. As we eagerly await the arrival of future Star Wars shows, we can revisit these ranking gems or patiently await the return of fan favorites, such as “The Mandalorian” Season 4. May the Force be with you on your Star Wars viewing journey!

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