Simon Cowell wants Cheryl back on The X Factor

Simon Cowell has confirmed he wants Cheryl Cole back on The X Factor 2014.

But the music mogul insisted that nothing had been signed yet and the ball was in her court.

Simon Cowell wants Cheryl back on The X Factor  | MarkMeets X factor TV judge News |
“It’s about whether she wants to do it and deal with it again,” Simon said yesterday. “She’s looking and sounding the best I’ve seen her in years.”

Speaking at auditions from Britain’s Got Talent, the label boss added: “I would love Cheryl to come back.

“I tell you why. Apart from the fact she is a star, when she is on it she is on it. So we will have to wait and see.”

Meanwhile, Simon claimed his departure from The X Factor USA and return to the UK was planned a year ago.

“We did a deal last year to come back and we kept it quiet, which is a miracle. I think we did it last July,” he explained. “That was always gonna be my plan, three years. It felt the right thing to do.

“I kept thinking back to the last final: Matt Cardle, Rebecca, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, that is what I want the X Factor to be.”

Discussing The X Factor USA axe, Simon told reporters: “We could have kept it on but we you are competing against 10 other shows. There are three other shows being launched this year and it is all going to cannibalise itself.

“Sometimes you have to do like I did in Australia and Italy and take it off the air and bring it back again. You can’t work out there at the moment.”

He enthused: ‘The X Factor UK, I’ve always said it’s kind of like my baby. I love doing the show. It has found some amazing people.

‘I want to go back to where we left off in 2010 … if we do another year like that it’ll be amazing.’

The X Factor 2014 will air on ITV in the summer.

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