Succession writer reveals series twist

TV spoilers are everywhere and with the TV world still reeling from the events of the third episode of Succession season 4, more has been revealed about the writers’ efforts to conceal the shocking twist.

Taking the release of episode 3, writer and co-executive producer of Succession, Georgia Pritchett, spoke about the secret code that was used to hint at Logan Roy’s surprise death.

She wrote: “This was a tough secret to keep! We decided it in the Succession writers’ room in Jan 22. So nobody found out we used code on the whiteboards. Larry David meant Logan Dies. So episode 403 said Connor’s Wedding, Larry David. Mind you, that would also have been a great episode.”

Of course, Larry David is the American comedian, writer, actor and television producer who is best known for co-creating Seinfield and starring in Curb Your Enthusiasm. While that would certainly be the crossover event of the century, his name proved useful in sharing Logan Roy’s initials and secretly hinting at his storyline.

The ruthless media mogul met his end in the recent third episode, leading to fans taking to social media to express their surprise, anguish and praise for the performances from the rest of the cast.

For now, many are left wondering what this means for the rest of the season but Brian Cox (who played Logan Roy) revealed the thinking behind the twist, that came so early on in season 4.

Explaning show creator Jesse Armstrong’s decision, stating: “He knew he had to bring it to a close, you know? He knew he had to bring it to a close. It was difficult for him to bring it to a close.”

Of course, all eyes are on the Roy siblings now to see who will take on their father’s media empire but Cox thinks that the story will go another way.

When asked about who could win control of it all, he said: “My suspicion is that it won’t be the kids. I think that they will get locked out. Ultimately, they’ll get locked out.

“You know, the whole Pierce thing was such a stupid f**king idea anyway, and not well handled on their part. It was the last big mistake and I could see them walking into a s**tstorm.”


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