The Best and Most Memorable TV Weddings of all time

What are your favourite TV weddings of all time?

TV weddings are a popular trope in television shows, often serving as major storylines or pivotal moments for characters. They can be dramatic, romantic, comedic, or even disastrous, adding excitement and emotional impact to the narrative.

Here’s the thing about TV weddings: It’s seldom easy to say “I do” without much ado.

In real life, the officiant might get held up by traffic, or weird cousin Otto and his plus-one (who is she again?) might dance a bit inappropriately at the reception. But the drama tends to be ratcheted up way higher for TV nuptials, making it harder to pull off a sweet ceremony worthy of the couple being celebrated.

With the traditionally popular wedding month of June upon us, TVLine decided it was time to revisit our list of TV’s best weddings, first published way back in the year 2015. A lot of on-screen vows have been exchanged since then, but only a select few unfolded in storybook (or Storybrooke) fashion.

In our list below, the weddings may not have always gone off without a tiny hitch (or, you know, the intrusion of Nazis from an alternate Earth), but they were memorable affairs tailor-made for the two saying “I do.”

Here are a few notable TV weddings:

Saved by the Bell: Zack and Kelly

The couple was so iconic, they got their own TV movie, in which the longtime high school sweethearts decided to elope in Vegas before getting a proper ceremony (and a last-minute visit from Jessie!).

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