The Walking Dead Latest News For Rick And Michonne’s TV Show And Daryl’s Spinoff

The Walking Dead Spin-Off

For years, The Walking Dead fans were mentally preparing themselves for Andrew Lincoln to return as Rick Grimes on the big screen, only for those plans to get a massive tweak at this year’s Comic-Con, where it was revealed Lincoln and Danai Gurira would be reuniting for a six-episode limited series on AMC. That series is perhaps the highest-profile spinoff possible, in a lineup that also includes Norman Reedus’ Daryl-focused offshoot and the currently filming Isle of the Dead follow-up with Maggie and Negan. While many facts about each of those shows are still behind lock and key, franchise ringleader Scott Gimple thankfully shared some new details during Talking Dead’s preview for everything coming up in the Walking Dead universe.

Rick And Michonne’s Spinoff

With Tales of the Walking Dead co-star Terry Crews sitting on the Talking Dead couch as interested as anyone could be about everything being shared about the new series, Scott Gimple & Co. craftily made audiences wait until the very end of the special for all things Rick and Michonne to come up. But at least his description makes the new project sound like it’s exactly what fans are hoping for.

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Here’s how he started:

It’s been a lot of fun to work on. I’ve been working on it very, very deeply with Danai and with Andy, and we continue to work on it pretty much every day together with some Walking Dead vets, and some great new voices. It’s an epic love story, but it’s an epic and insane love story. These are two people who have been separated for a very long time. They have lived whole other existences, and they have to find themselves again, let alone each other. It’s hopefully gonna be mindblowing.

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