Top Fan Plot Twists From TV series ‘Friends’

If you ask anyone to name a TV show that they can watch over and over again, it is FRIENDS

From a great cast to witty writing, they’d probably rave about classics like Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. By any chance, would a sitcom about six New Yorkers make the cut? While the beloved series Friends thrives on outstanding humor and a powerhouse cast, there’s no denying that the quality of its screenplay—episode after episode, season after season—is topnotch.

The friends cast were Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green), Courteney Cox (Monica Geller), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay), Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani), Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) and David Schwimmer (Ross Geller)

Here’s one strong piece of evidence: in its decade-long run, Friends has pulled off some excellent plot twists. Through exceptionally written set-ups and bombshell moments, the series has generated its fair share of mesmerized “ooohs” from its fanbase. Ten particular twists (or “pivots,” if you happen to be Ross Gellar) still have us reeling to this day.

She Did Get Off The Plane

The final chapter of Ross and Rachel’s love odyssey was written in season 10. After getting fired from her job at Ralph Lauren, Rachel soon finds an opportunity awaiting her at Louis Vuitton. Here’s the catch: the job opening happens to be in Paris. Rachel decides to pursue this job, but Ross ends up chasing her all the way to the airport.

A few scenes later, a dejected Ross is shown all alone in his apartment, apparently having failed to stop the love of his life from leaving. However, when he plays a voice mail that Rachel sent, he realizes that she was actually trying to get off the plane. The voice mail abruptly cuts off, and while Ross is agonizingly asking if she managed to make it out, Rachel herself announces her presence at his doorway. In all likelihood, she would never leave him again.

It Happened In London

During the first four seasons, Monica and Chandler’s relationship amounted to nothing more than platonic. Monica gave Chandler valuable advice on how to mingle with women, while Chandler provided Monica companionship and the occasional hearty laugh. Little did they know that a little trip to London would alter their dynamic forever.

In the season 4 finale, the two realized—perhaps on a deeper level—how much they needed each other. This led to a dramatic reveal that took place right after Ross blissfully yelled that he was “getting married TO-DAY.” As soon as Ross left the room, his little sister emerged from underneath his best friend’s sheets. Surprise, surprise: “Mondler” was a thing now.

Repeat After Me…Or Not

Let’s be honest: Ross’ marriage to Emily was doomed to fail from the very start. From the whirlwind pace of the engagement and wedding, to the superstitious details such as Ross seeing Emily clad in her wedding gown on the day of the ceremony, their partnership was a fiasco waiting to happen.

Still, no one could have predicted the showstopping manner in which it would all begin to unravel. As the season 4 finale drew to a close, the couple was set to exchange their vows. Emily said her vows first, and it went without a hitch. All Ross had to do was to repeat after the minister, but for some inexplicable reason, he utters one of the most famous lines of the entire series: “I, Ross, take thee Rachel…”

It Was Janice All Along

Chandler’s bad luck with the women was established early on in the series. In season 1, he breaks up with Janice (Maggie Wheeler) twice, the second time happening on no less than Valentine’s Day. Apparently, there was no hope for Mr. Bing in the romantic department.

However, it seemed as though Chandler’s fortunes were turning in the season 2 finale. Thanks to the innovation known as Internet chat rooms, Chandler found himself going back and forth with what sounded like an awesome woman to be with. Towards the end of the episode, Chandler paces nervously inside the Central Perk, when the woman finally arrives for their first-ever encounter in the flesh. This was no first, though: Chandler’s Internet fling turned out to be none other than Janice.

The Original Phoebe?

Throughout the series, Phoebe pieces together the key components of her past in order to establish a firm sense of self. It was no easy feat, though, as her encounter with Phoebe Abbott demonstrated.

In the season 3 finale, Phoebe was counting on Ms. Abbott to shed light on the identity and whereabouts of her father. However, when the elder Phoebe backs out of a dinner date that was intended for this purpose, the younger Phoebe breaks into her house and a confrontation ensues. Abbott finally relents, and drops a Darth Vader-esque reveal: she is actually Pheebs’ birth mother.What Happens In China…


The premise of Friends‘ pilot episode was Ross’ rediscovery of his feelings for his high school crush Rachel. Throughout season 1, Ross could never muster the will to fully admit his emotions for Rachel, who simply views him as a good friend.

But, after Chandler unintentionally reveals the extent of Ross’ feelings, Rachel eventually realizes that she would be willing to reciprocate his love. During the closing moments of the season finale, she goes to the airport and eagerly awaits his return from China. Little did she know that Ross wouldn’t be returning alone; Dr. Gellar was now basking in the company of his new girlfriend, Julie.

…And Then There’s Vegas

The season 5 finale was a pretty eventful one. Between Phoebe’s fierce feud with a slot machine lurker and Joey’s stint as a costumed character at Caesar’s palace, the episode was packed with shenanigans worthy of Las Vegas. For a moment, too, it seemed that Monica and Chandler were poised to become a lawfully wedded couple.

When the two lovers arrived at a chapel to tie the knot, they find that a certain couple has beaten them to the punch. The doors swing open, and the identity of the just married couple is revealed: the highly intoxicated tandem of Ross and Rachel.

The Test In The Trash

Monica and Chandler did get around to planning their own wedding, which would become the focal point of the series’ seventh season. However, in the season finale, Chandler disappears after getting cold feet at the prospect of long-time commitment. This stresses out Rachel and Phoebe, who promptly decide not to tell Monica about this crucial detail.

While the girls (well, mostly Rachel) try to pull themselves together in Monica’s bathroom, Phoebe discovers a pregnancy test in the trash, and concludes that the bride-to-be is carrying a baby. However, after Chandler and Monica exchange their vows, Monica denies having taken any pregnancy test. The camera then zooms in on the face of Rachel—the friend who was truly (and surprisingly) expecting a child.

This Isn’t What It Looks Like

In season 8, Joey found himself caught in the middle of the never-ending saga between Ross and Rachel. Still, in his interactions with both friends, Joey’s sincerity shone through. He confessed his feelings for Rachel, and he boldly told Ross about these very feelings (Ross’ anger notwithstanding).RELATED: Joey Tribbiani’s Best Acting Roles, From Dr. Drake Ramoray To Mario With VD.

All well and good, except for one gesture that Joey did not intend to do at all. As the season finale reached its end, Rachel (who was still recovering from childbirth) asks Joey to look for some tissues. As he does so, he causes an heirloom ring to fall off Ross’ jacket. As Joey turns back to Rachel—holding the very ring that Ross wanted to slip on her finger—she quickly says yes to Joey’s unintended proposal.

“Hey, My Sweater!”

Season 8’s “The One with a Red Sweater” is a masterpiece, as it is essentially an episode built entirely around a plot twist. The episode had a simple, yet intriguing premise: who was the father of Rachel’s child? What transpired was a seamless integration of seemingly inane details (yes, that Europe story), character callbacks, and even a little bit of whodunit.

The reveal itself was executed perfectly. The previous scene had preoccupied the audience with Chandler and Monica’s first compromise as a wedding couple, that they nearly forgot the episode’s central question. Then, with impeccable timing, Ross suddenly grabs the red sweater and claims it as his own—thereby revealing himself as the father they’d been looking for.

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