TV Advertising Strategies to suit your brand

As recorded by Media Awareness, between movie theatres and television, an average of over 3,000 advertisements are displayed per day. Television advertising is a vital part of promoting and marketing new and existing products. Businesses that make use of lead generation strategies like tv advertising may pay thousands of dollars for airtime and in return, their products or services are made visible to millions.

TV Advertising Strategies

Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are a very persuasive and efficient strategy that works due to consumers being able to identify with the famous individual. Because many consumers have a lot of faith in famous individuals, these kind of advertisements hold a lot of weight.

Product Placement

Which product became famous after the release of E.T. movie in 1992. As recorded by the Media Awareness Network, because the character E.T. liked to eat it, peanut butter-filled, chocolate covered candy pieces had a 65?% boost in sales. This is a common strategy for a product placement that can reach millions of viewers. Ad agencies and Television producers will work together of a product placement. One strategy is to base the entire show around the product that’s to be advertised.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing

This is a kind of advertising in which the product is presented and displayed with the intent for ordering of that product. It is a marketing strategy utilised in television infomercials. There are key points that a lot of brand advertisers have discovered since the beginning of this method of advertising.

With the utilisation of Brand Response TV, you can measure your results. Brand response tv as a very accountable medium, for advertisers it allows their brand to directly connect with their customers. With the ability to track sales results, collect consumer data and make fast choices around media buys, it is a very critical component.

Brand response persuades consumers with a call to action by either visiting a website, making a phone call or taking a closer look at a product while out shopping at the mall. While a 15 to 30 second picture ad can help change buyer behaviour and boost product awareness, a brand response commercial will lead consumers directly to the buying stage.

Brand response will allow you to tell a story. When brand response is integrated into advertising there is a longer format delivered to consumer education about that brand. Instead of it being a short 15 second message, the consumer can gain an in dept knowledge of the benefits and features of the product, see the product in action and make a well informed purchasing decision. Whether the final decision to purchase is over the phone, internet or in retail, chances are they will forever remember the story.

Sponsorship bumpers in a nutshell

Sponsoring will allow the advertiser to put a series of bumpers featuring their brand or logo with a commercial message.

Placed between a Television spot ad and the programming itself, it will guarantee maximum exposure and a prime position to their targeted audience.

Television sponsorship could range from simple on air connection to a single programming or a line up to a long term or fully integrated consociation which can include branded content, televised events, product placement, promos, licensing and much more.

Sponsorship delivers a consistency of viewers, time of day as well as an environment that’s expensive to duplicate via a traditional media purchase.

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