Vampire Academy Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Actors From Peacock’s TV Series

Over a decade ago, our screens were filled to the brim with vampire media, such as the Twilight franchise or the famous CW show, The Vampire Diaries, we started to trail off a little over the last couple of years. Now, it’s returning with full force in 2022. We have AMC’s Interview with a Vampire coming out, as well as Showtime’s Let The Right One In

But, there’s another show that’s already here, and that’s Vampire Academy. Based on the book series of the same name, the supernatural young-adult series is coming to Peacock and is the second adaptation of the novels, with the first being the 2014 film which, admittedly, was not good. Now, we get to see the next adaptation, and the new cast.

Here is where you might have seen the Vampire Academy cast before.

Jonetta Kaiser (Sonya Karp)

Moving on, we now have Sonya Karp in Vampire Academy, who is played by Jonetta Kaiser. Sonya doesn’t care about the politics of the world, and really wants nothing to do with the royals and would rather spend her days reading (same, girl).

Kaiser has done some big TV roles prior to her part in Vampire Academy. She portrayed Heather in Two Sides, as well as Kara in Breakwater. Besides that, she’s guest-starred in shows like Me Time with Frangela and Millennials (I). She also had a role in the film, Root Letter. 

Andrew Liner (Mason Ashford)

Last but not least, we have Mason Ashford in Vampire Academy, someone who is directly competing with Rose throughout the series to achieve the goal of becoming the number one Guardian-in-training, often butting heads with our protagonist. But, you want to know what else Mason is all about? Rose, and the fact that he sorta maybe has a little crush on her, but we’ll get into that later on in the series.

Playing Mason is Andrew Liner, someone who has had experience in television before. He guest-starred on the TV series, Better Things, but his biggest role thus far was playing Rodney in the TV show, grown-ish. 

Vampires are back and they are better than ever. And, with this cast, I’m sure Vampire Academy is going to be a smash-hit for Peacock. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go and reread the whole series because I need to in order to catch up with all these characters.

Sisi Stringer (Rose Hathaway)

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