What Are The Cast Of Mad Men Doing Now?

Award winning tv series Mad Men took us back to the advertising world of the 1960s.

The show followed both the professional and private lives of those working at the fictional Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. Later on, the firm becomes Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The series won 16 Emmys and five Golden Globes.

The seven seasons of Mad Men ended in 2015, but the smell of cigarettes and scotch still lingers. The series centered around Don Draper, who was somewhat of the company star as the Creative Director at Sterling Cooper. Don, and his male colleagues, drank too much and slept with too many women without blinking an eye.

As the series went on, many of their lives spiraled out of control. Meanwhile, the women of Mad Men grew in ways we wouldn’t have imagined at the start of the series.

The show was also a glorious look at the changing fashion and feel of New York from the beginning of the 1960s to the end.

8 Vincent Kartheiser As Pete Campbell

Pete is an account executive at Sterling Cooper, who marries Trudy in the very beginning of the series, but not before he sleeps with Peggy Olson. Peggy ends up pregnant and has a baby boy, but doesn’t tell Pete.

Pete comes from “old money” but has a desire to make it on his own, without working too hard. He and Trudy eventually have a baby girl, but they have marital troubles, mostly due to Pete’s infidelities.

Vincent Kartheiser has acted since Mad Men, most recently in season 3 of Titans. There were two internal investigations on him for allegations of disruptive, juvenile behavior and inappropriate comments on set.

Kartheiser was married to Alexis Bledel, but they have since divorced. They have one son.

7 January Jones As Betty Draper

Betty Draper was the wife of Don Draper and mother of their children, Sally, Bobby and Eugene. Early in the series, Betty finds out about her husband’s infidelities and confronts him. She eventually divorces him and marries Henry Francis. In the final season, she is diagnosed with lung cancer.

January Jones has continued acting after Mad Men. She starred in Unknown with Liam Neeson and Seeking Justice with Nicolas Cage. In 2019, she joined the cast of The Politician on Netflix.

Her son Xander was born in 2011, but she has never disclosed the name of his father.

6 Jessica Paré as Megan Draper

Jessica Paré played Don’s second wife, Megan Draper. Megan was an aspiring actress who worked as Don’s secretary. She continued to work at the firm after they married, which caused some issues between the couple.

Don cheated on her, just as he did with Betty. In the end, their marriage could not be saved.

Paré rose to fame when she was chosen to play the lead in the 2000 film Stardom. After playing Megan, she acted in some movies and series. In 2017, she was added to the main cast of the CBS series, SEAL Team.

5 John Slattery As Roger Sterling

Roger Sterling was a Senior Partner at Sterling Cooper and the one who found Don Draper and hired him. But the “Sterling” really stood for Roger’s father.

Roger is a heavy smoker and drinker who has two heart attacks. He has a long, on again/off again affair with office manager Joan Holloway. He eventually divorces his first wife, Mona, but marries Don Draper’s secretary, Jane.

John Slattery was a well-known face before Mad Men. He played kinky politician, and Carrie’s love interest, Bill Kelley, on Sex and the City. He was also Will Truman’s brother, Sam on Will & Grace, as well as many parts in movies. Since Mad Men, Slattery played Ben Travis in the movie Spotlight, and was in the Netflix series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

He is married to actress Talia Balsam, who played Mona on Mad Men. The couple has one son.

4 Christina Hendricks As Joan Holloway

Joan Holloway was the office manager at Sterling Cooper but becomes a junior partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Joan has an affair with Roger, but marries promising young doctor, Greg Harris. The couple has a troubled marriage.

At the series end, Joan starts her own production company. Joan was unlucky in love, but ahead of her time in business.

Christina has been plenty busy since Mad Men. Her biggest project was starring as Beth Boland in the NBC series, Good Girls. The series was canceled in June 2022 after four seasons. Hendricks said that NBC “failed massively” representing the show. She stated, “It was quirky and weird and smart and they kind of made it just look like a sitcom”.

3 Kiernan Shipka As Sally Daper

Sally Draper was the daughter of Don and Betty Draper. Sally was only eight years old when the series began. By season four, Sally was a pre-teen and was given bigger storylines. She has a hard time with her parents’ divorce and acts out, but she eventually loves and accepts Megan as her stepmother. As she grows up, she goes through some turbulent teen years but ends up being a maternal figure to her brothers when she learns of her mother’s cancer.

Kiernan Shipka is a childhood actor success story, and has continued working since Mad Men. She played the starring role inthe Netflix series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, based on the Archie comics. When the series was canceled after two seasons, she reprised the role of Sabrina in the CW teen drama, Riverdale. Most recently, she starred in the Roku channel series, Swimming With Sharks, with Diane Kruger.

2 Elizabeth Moss As Peggy Olson

Peggy Olson came a long way from season one to the end of the series. Peggy came to Sterling Cooper as Don Draper’s secretary and has a one-night stand with Pete Campbell. Peggy spends most of the series fighting her way up the ladder in a male-dominated industry in a time when equal rights were unheard of.

By the final episode, Peggy is in a relationship with Stan and working at McCann-Erickson, which absorbs SCDP.

Elizabeth Moss has taken off as an actor since Mad Men. She has starred in The Handmaid’s Tale since 2017 and won a Primetime Emmy for her role. She has also directed a number of episodes. Vulture named Olson the “Queen of Peak TV”.

She has also starred in many films, including Shirley, The Invisible Man, and The French Dispatch.

1 Jon Hamm As Don Draper

Mad Men pretty much revolves around Don Draper, and his career and love life.

Don was really Dick Whitman. Dick assumed Don Draper’s identity after the real Don was killed in the Korean War. The new Don moved to New York City, where he worked as a fur salesman, until he met Roger Sterling, who brought him into his advertising agency.

Don was brilliant at his job but was also a philanderer and heavy drinker. In the end, Don leaves it all behind and moves to a commune.

Jon Hamm has successfully continued working as an actor in many movies and TV series. He most recently starred in the mega-hit Top Gun: Maverick with Tom Cruise. He even starred in a series of TV commercials for Progressive Insurance, having a relationship with the famous “Flo”.

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