What do the Rings of Power do in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The One Ring

The most infamous of the rings was the One Ring Sauron created in the fires of Mount Doom, which he would use to control the other ring wearers and make them bend to his will.

The One Ring had a special elvish inscription which could only be seen when placed in fire or on Sauron’s finger. It was a gold band without any adorning stones.

Sauron hoped to influence the thoughts of the other ring bearers without having to resort to direct military conflict.

The dark lord put a great deal of his own power into the ring, which meant his abilities increased dramatically when he wore the ring.

This Ruling Ring was thought to have a will of its own and carried out Sauron’s will, changing its shape to fit different races.

The One Ring could also make its wearer invisible but also made them almost wraith-like and able to see the spirit world.

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