What is Simon Helberg from Big Bang Theory doing now?

Simon Helberg, best known for his role as Howard in The Big Bang Theory, has been keeping busy since the show ended in 2019. Fans have been curious about what the cast members have been up to, and while a spin-off is in the works, let’s take a closer look at what Simon Helberg has been doing in recent years.

Enjoyment and Reflection on The Big Bang Theory

Simon Helberg thoroughly enjoyed his time on The Big Bang Theory and appeared in every episode of the show. He particularly cherished working with his co-star Melissa Rauch, sharing that he had a great time during storylines like her character’s pregnancy revelation. While he joked about the possibility of spin-offs featuring his character, he expressed gratitude that no such projects materialized. Reflecting on the show’s longevity, it took him until season seven to feel a sense of permanence, even hanging a picture in his dressing room as a symbol of stability. Despite the initial uncertainty, he eventually settled into the role and embraced the series.

Simon Helberg Today

Simon Helberg has been actively pursuing his acting career post-The Big Bang Theory. He recently appeared in the musical drama film, Annette, portraying the character of The Accompanist. Helberg’s journey to secure the role was an interesting one, as the film’s director, Leos Carax, initially required a certain number of European citizens to qualify for EU funding. However, this condition became unnecessary when Marion Cotillard, a French native, joined the cast. Despite this twist, Helberg remained committed to working with Carax, demonstrating his dedication to his craft.

The actor also had a guest appearance on an episode of the Peacock mystery series called Poker Face, playing the role of a bumbling FBI agent. Helberg’s performances in both Annette and Poker Face have been highly praised, showcasing his versatility as an actor. He has also lined up other projects for the future, indicating his continued involvement in the industry.

A Different Perspective on Simon Helberg

Interestingly, director Leos Carax had never seen The Big Bang Theory before working with Simon Helberg. This fact delighted Helberg, as he hopes to collaborate with individuals who know him beyond his role as Howard Stern. He appreciates the opportunity to showcase different aspects of his talent and hopes that fans of the show can recognize his versatility as an actor.

Simon Helberg’s Impressive Net Worth

Given the success of The Big Bang Theory, it is no surprise that Simon Helberg accumulated substantial wealth during his time on the show. While he initially earned $45,000, his salary quickly skyrocketed, reaching one million dollars per episode. Forbes ranked him as the third-highest-paid actor in 2018, with an annual income of $23 million. As a result, his estimated net worth today stands at an impressive $50 million.


Since the conclusion of The Big Bang Theory, Simon Helberg has been actively pursuing his acting career. From his role in Annette to his guest appearance in Poker Face, he has showcased his talent and versatility in various projects. Helberg’s journey in the entertainment industry continues, and fans can look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. With his impressive net worth and a desire to explore different roles, Simon Helberg remains a prominent figure in the world of acting.

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