Where was The Witcher season 3 filmed?

It’s the final season for this fantasy drama’s iconic leading man – but this fun, action-packed romp is strong enough to survive as The Witcher season 3 is split into two parts. Netflix released volume 2 — Henry Cavill’s last season as Geralt — in July 2023.

The Witcher returned for a third season and while it will sadly be Henry Cavill’s final outing as Geralt, that’s not the only thing Netflix fans are talking about.

Volume 1 will see Geralt, famed for his neutrality, change now that he’s a family man entrusted with the care of Princess Cirilla of Cintra (Freya Allan), who is being pursued by multiple factions on the continent.

The much anticipated season has been divided in two parts, with volume 1 available on the global streamer now and volume 2 dropping on last summer.

While speculation had been running rife about Henry’s character’s fate, who will be replaced by none other than Liam Hemsworth from season 4, we can at least shed light on where the epic fantasy drama was filmed. From Croatia to Slovenia, here are some of the locations used in The Witcher season 3

Where was The Witcher season 3 filmed?

Epping Forest, London

The set for Belleteyn Festival, which Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer are expected to visit early in season three, is reported to have been built at Strawberry Hill Ponds in Epping Forest.

The show’s executive producer, Steve Gaub, shared an image of the location on Instagram ahead of filming that took place in April 2022, which he captioned: ‘Lets light up these woods.’

Laghi di Fusine, Italy

It is expected that the lake in the Tarvisio region of La Bella Paese will serve as one of the backdrops for the three characters, as they try to protect Ciri throughout the series.

The Witcher’s official Insta account even shared a picture of Henry and his co-stars between takes at the iced-over lake in Italy.

Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea

The beautiful location of Three Cliffs Bay in Wales is expected to be the setting for Thanedd Island in series three.

In June 2022, Wales Online reported that Henry and approximately 300 crew members were spotted filming a pivotal fight scene, which took place on the beach below the bay in the Gower peninsula.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Images from the castle were shared with Redanian Intelligence, revealing Henry, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan and several other actors recording scenes here in April last year.

The medieval castle, which is more than 800 years old, is home to a network of secret tunnels and sits adjacent to Postojna Cave, which might have also been used for the series.

Swinley Forest, Bracknell

Gandja Monteiro, who directed episodes 3 and 4 of the new series, let the cat out of the bag when he shared images from the luscious green wood on his Instagram Stories..

Some scenes in the series three trailer look to be set in a forest – so it is likely these were filmed in this idyllic corner of the UK.

Virginia Water Lake, Surrey

The lake, which is situated in Windsor Great Park, is reported to have been used to film a number of night scenes throughout series three and plays host to a Cascade waterfall and the Leptis Magna roman ruins.

The Witcher’s crew isn’t the only one to have camped here in recent years as it is also one of the locations used throughout the Harry Potter movies for Hogwarts’ lake.

Guildford Cathedral, Surrey

Redanian Intelligence revealed images showing the inside of Guildford Cathedral emblazoned with Nilfgaardian golden sun banners and reports that it will serve as Emperor Emhyr’s Palace for episode 7 and 8 of the new series.

It is a well-established filming venue and has played backdrop to the drama in shows such as The Sandman.

Beach Zala, Croatia

Some eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted the location as an establishing shot in the season three trailer. It appeared to show a house based close to the water which our protagonists are expected to shelter in – and then appears to be engulfed in flames in a shot a few seconds later.

‘It’s great to see the production team making use of beautiful real-life locations, rather than relying entirely on CGI to recreate the show’s fantasy surroundings.

‘While many locals will already be aware of these locations, popular shows such as The Witcher often help to provide a boost to the local economy, from TV fans looking to get a taste of the show for themselves.’

The Witcher season 3 volume 1 and 2 are on Netflix.

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