Who are The Apprentice 2024 contestants

The Apprentice 2024 Contestants: A Glimpse into the Boardroom Battle

In the thrilling landscape of BBC One’s The Apprentice 2024, 18 ambitious candidates are gearing up for a life-altering opportunity. As they embark on a journey to secure Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment and coveted mentorship, the stakes are higher than ever. Let’s delve into the profiles of these contestants, exploring their aspirations, backgrounds, and strategies as they navigate the challenging terrain of business tasks.

The Apprentice 2024: An Overview

The upcoming series promises a dramatic start as candidates find themselves in the picturesque Scottish Highlands. Tasked with a corporate hospitality challenge, the men’s and women’s teams aim to organize luxurious away days for corporate clients, all in a bid to leave a lasting impression on Lord Sugar. The challenges ahead include managing a virtual escape room, creating a children’s cereal brand, a discount buying task in Jersey, and a tourism challenge set in Budapest. The series unfolds with a blend of new and fan-favorite tasks, including the renowned TV shopping channel challenge.

The Apprentice 2024 is scheduled to premiere on February 1 at 9 PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

Meet The Apprentice 2024 Candidates

1. Amina Khan

  • Occupation: Pharmacist and Business Owner
  • Location: Ilford

Amina, a qualified pharmacist for over a decade, has ventured into skincare and supplements. Her determination to showcase extensive business acumen beyond the superficial sets the stage for a compelling journey on The Apprentice 2024.

“I am one of the hardest working women I know. There is no one else like me.”

2. Dr. Asif Munaf

  • Occupation: Owner, Wellness Brand
  • Location: Sheffield

With beauty, brains, body, and business, Dr. Asif Munaf brings a unique blend of qualities to the competition. As a doctor with a focus on healthy vitamins and supplements, he aims to secure Lord Sugar’s investment, emphasizing the need for more than the four Bs.

“I’ve got an extremely high IQ. I’ve got an extremely high bench press. And to top it off, I’m quite good on the eyes.”

3. Flo Edwards

  • Occupation: Recruitment Consultant
  • Location: London

Establishing her consultancy and displaying a strong performance history, Flo Edwards is no stranger to challenges. Her message to other candidates is clear – never underestimate her, as she enters The Apprentice 2024 with a determination to win.

“My warning to the other candidates? Don’t underestimate me. I’m here to win.”

4. Foluso Falade

  • Occupation: Project Manager
  • Location: Manchester

Describing herself as the “Mary Poppins of business,” Foluso is on a mission to help young people in the business world. Her goal goes beyond financial gain, aiming to operate the first Social Enterprise to win Lord Sugar’s investment.

“Money doesn’t move me, but making a difference does.”

5. Jack Davies

  • Occupation: Recruitment Director
  • Location: Bristol

An aspiring recruitment director and food reviewer, Jack Davies has consistently climbed the career ladder. With his sights set on the next significant leap towards success, he’s ready to conquer the challenges presented by The Apprentice 2024.

“Anything I put my mind to, I succeed in.”

6. Maura Rath

  • Occupation: Owner, Yoga Company
  • Location: Wexford

A yoga teacher with a thriving business, Maura Rath has built a venture that promotes well-being and financial success. Scaling up with Lord Sugar’s support is her next goal in The Apprentice 2024.

“The success of my business is measured by the joy and health it brings people.”

7. Noor Bouziane

  • Occupation: Owner, Jewellery Company
  • Location: Liverpool

Noor, the ambitious owner of a premium jewellery company, believes Lord Sugar’s investment could be highly lucrative for her accessory business. Competitiveness runs in her blood, and she’s prepared to go to any length to win the competition.

“I have competitiveness in my blood. I will go to any length to win this process.”

8. Oliver Medforth

  • Occupation: Sales Executive
  • Location: Yorkshire

With a background in market sales and store supervision, Oliver is a self-proclaimed selling machine. Eager for the famous sales tasks in the show, he’s poised to showcase his selling prowess in the boardroom.

“I am a selling machine.”

9. Onyeka Nweze

  • Occupation: Chartered Company Secretary
  • Location: London

Bringing a successful corporate background, Onyeka enters the competition with a tech business plan. She aims to secure Lord Sugar’s first investment in this field in eighteen series.

“My business is going to be making 10 million within the first 5 years.”

10. Paul Bowen

  • Occupation: Director, Pie Company
  • Location: Lancashire

Representing one of two pie company experts, Paul Bowen boasts big-name clients like Manchester City Football Club. Eager to combine his passion with Lord Sugar’s strategic prowess, he envisions making Lord Sugar the “Lord of the Pies.”

“I could make Lord Sugar the Lord of the Pies.”

11. Dr. Paul Midha

  • Occupation: Owner, Dental Group
  • Location: Leeds

Starting his dental practice from scratch, Dr. Paul Midha is no stranger to learning. Eager to gain Lord Sugar’s investment and the accompanying business knowledge, he brings enthusiasm and determination to The Apprentice 2024.

“I am enthusiastic about learning from one of the UK’s most successful businessmen.”

12. Phil Turner

  • Occupation: Owner, Pie Company
  • Location: Bognor Regis

The 2020 ‘Supreme Pie Champion,’ Phil Turner, runs a family-owned pie business dating back to the 1930s. He aims to demonstrate his business acumen to Lord Sugar.

“You don’t grow a multi-million-pound business by being a pushover.”

13. Rachel Woolford

  • Occupation: Boutique Fitness Studio Owner
  • Location: Leeds

Business-minded from a young age, Rachel Woolford has independently managed her boutique fitness studio. She contemplates a business partnership with Lord Sugar as her next significant step.

“I have no doubt that starting up during Covid made me a tougher person all round.”

14. Raj Chohan

  • Occupation: Mortgage Broker
  • Location: Leamington Spa

A serious yet fun-loving mortgage broker, Raj is determined to exploit a market gap. Her goal is clear and ambitious – she wants to be a multi-millionaire by the age of 50.

“I want to be a multi-millionaire by 50!”

15. Sam Saadet

  • Occupation: Pre and Post Natal Fitness Coach
  • Location: Essex

Known for her bargain-hunting skills and fitness coaching, Sam Saadet is ready to demonstrate her business savvy to Lord Sugar.

“I have a business that truly helps others.”

16. Steve Darken

  • Occupation: Management Consultant
  • Location: London

A management consultant for major companies, Steve Darken believes he shares Lord Sugar’s sharp mind and wit. Ready to take on the boardroom challenges, he emphasizes not judging him by his suit and tie.

“Don’t judge me by my suit and tie – I’m not just another corporate!”

17. Tre Lowe

  • Occupation: Music & Wellness Entrepreneur
  • Location: London

Formerly part of the UK garage band Architechs, Tre Lowe now focuses on his wellness business. Leveraging his diverse industry experience, he aims to create a legacy that reverberates through time.

“I am going to change the world and create a legacy that reverberates through time.”

18. Virdi Singh Mazaria

  • Occupation: Music Producer
  • Location: Leicester

With a background in both auditing and music production, Virdi aims to bring Lord Sugar into the music industry. Confident about making a notable impact in the boardroom, he considers the other candidates as extras on his journey to the top.

“DJ. Host. MC. The other candidates are just extras on my journey to the top.”

The Apprentice 2024 Teaser Trailer

As anticipation builds for the 18th series of The Apprentice, a teaser trailer provides a glimpse into the challenges and dynamics awaiting the contestants. Heading straight to the Scottish Highlands for the first episode, the candidates face a corporate hospitality challenge that sets the tone for the intense competition. With each passing week, they will battle it out to impress Lord Sugar, hoping to secure the substantial £250,000 investment and the invaluable mentorship that accompanies it.

The series promises a blend of tasks, from virtual escape rooms to creating children’s cereal brands, ensuring that candidates showcase their versatility and business prowess. The scenic backdrop of Budapest adds a touch of glamour to the tourism challenge, elevating the competition’s scale and intensity.


As The Apprentice 2024 unfolds, viewers can expect a rollercoaster of business challenges, strategic maneuvers, and unexpected twists. With Lord Sugar at the helm, the journey for these 18 candidates is not just about winning tasks; it’s about proving they have the tenacity, creativity, and business acumen to thrive in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

The infamous loser’s cab looms large, serving as a stark reminder of the consequences of failure in the relentless pursuit of success. As the competition kicks off on February 1, audiences are in for a captivating ride, witnessing the ambitions, triumphs, and setbacks of The Apprentice 2024 contestants.

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