Who are the cast of the Lincoln Lawyer tv series

The Lincoln Lawyer TV series has garnered significant attention among fans of legal dramas and crime thrillers. Based on the popular novels by Michael Connelly, the series brings to life the intriguing world of criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller. In this article, we will explore the cast of the Lincoln Lawyer TV series, their previous works, and provide a synopsis of the show.

The Lincoln Lawyer TV Cast

The Lincoln Lawyer TV series features an impressive ensemble cast, with talented actors portraying the diverse range of characters from the novels. Here are the key cast members:

1. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo takes on the lead role of Mickey Haller, a charismatic and streetwise defense attorney. Known for his roles in movies like “The Magnificent Seven” and “Sicario: Day of the Soldado,” Garcia-Rulfo brings depth and intensity to the character of Haller.

2. Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson

Neve Campbell joins the cast as Maggie McPherson, a tough and resourceful Deputy District Attorney. Campbell, known for her roles in “Scream” and “Party of Five,” brings her versatility and commanding presence to the character.

3. Becki Newton as Lorna Taylor

Becki Newton portrays Lorna Taylor, Mickey Haller’s trusted and quick-witted assistant. Newton is best known for her role as Amanda Tanen in the hit TV series “Ugly Betty,” and her comedic timing adds a touch of levity to the intense courtroom drama.

4. Angus Sampson as Cisco

Angus Sampson takes on the role of Cisco, Mickey Haller’s loyal investigator. With his distinctive presence and acting prowess seen in movies like “Insidious” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” Sampson brings depth to the character of Cisco.

5. Jazz Raycole as Izzy

Jazz Raycole rounds out the cast as Izzy, Mickey Haller’s teenage daughter. Raycole, known for her roles in TV shows like “My Wife and Kids” and “The Soul Man,” brings youthful energy and a compelling dynamic to the father-daughter relationship.

What Else Have the Cast Starred In?

Aside from their roles in the Lincoln Lawyer TV series, the cast members have been part of various noteworthy projects. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo has appeared in films like “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Widows.” Neve Campbell is recognized for her performances in the “Scream” franchise and TV shows like “House of Cards” and “Mad Men.” Becki Newton has showcased her comedic talents in series like “How I Met Your Mother” and “Divorce.” Angus Sampson has made notable appearances in movies such as “Winchester” and the “Insidious” series. Jazz Raycole has been featured in TV shows like “The Quad” and “The Mick.”

The Lincoln Lawyer TV Series Synopsis

The Lincoln Lawyer TV series revolves around the character of Mickey Haller, a criminal defense attorney who operates out of his chauffeur-driven Lincoln Town Car. Set in Los Angeles, the show follows Haller as he takes on high-profile cases, navigating the complexities of the legal system while uncovering the truth behind the crimes. With a mix of courtroom drama, suspenseful investigations, and intriguing character dynamics, the series provides an immersive and thrilling viewing experience.

In each episode, Mickey Haller tackles a new case, delving into the lives of his clients, the motives of the prosecutors, and the intricacies of the justice system. As the series progresses, Haller’s personal and professional life become intertwined, presenting complex moral dilemmas and ethical challenges that test his integrity as a defense attorney.

The Lincoln Lawyer TV series captures the essence of Michael Connelly’s novels, blending gripping courtroom scenes with compelling character development. Viewers are taken on a journey through the criminal justice system, witnessing Mickey Haller’s relentless pursuit of justice for his clients.

As the series unfolds, viewers will be drawn into the intricacies of each case, following the twists and turns of the investigations and courtroom battles. The show explores themes of morality, corruption, and the complexities of the legal profession, offering a thought-provoking and captivating viewing experience.

Netflix has announced “The Lincoln Lawyer” will return for season 2 as reports told MarkMeets filming took place in Los Angeles

The acclaimed TV series has recently been renewed for a second series — here’s what we know about a possible The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 release date and more.

What is The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 release date? The twist and turns throughout season 1 had viewers hooked. In its first full week of streaming, it was Netflix’s most-watched English-language series globally, with over 108 million viewing hours.

The popular legal drama series, which is based on the novels by Michael Connelley, made its debut in May 2022. The Netflix series tells the story of Mickey Haller, an LA-based defence attorney and recovering addict who runs his law firm out of his Lincoln Navigator rather than an office. He’s brought back to the legal world after former acquaintance Jerry leaves his law practice to Mickey following his mysterious death.

Season 1 of the TV series, which is based on Connelley’s novel ‘The Brass Verdict,’ explores the mystery of Jerry’s death and how it relates to the case of Trevor Elliot, Jerry’s last client before he died, who is accused of murdering his ex and her new boyfriend. People can’t get enough of the drama, so we’ll do our best to give you all the information you want about The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 release date, cast, plot, and everything else.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 release date speculation

We don’t know The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 release date as of May 2023. The second season of The Lincoln Lawyer was officially announced on June 14, 2022. Like season 1, the upcoming season of The Lincoln Lawyer will be comprised of ten episodes.

Given that season 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer only dropped on May 2022, we may be waiting a while for the next season — but we can look to how long season 1 took for an indication of when to expect season 2. While season 1 of the show was ordered in January 2021, casting took place across February and March that year, with filming not starting until May and finishing in August.

From there, it was another nine-month gap until the season dropped on Netflix, with the whole process taking approximately sixteen months from Netflix ordering the show to it dropping on the platform.

Assuming that casting won’t be as extensive this time around, we estimate that the process from renewal to a new season dropping will take between 12-16 months. Connelly also confirmed that filming had begun in October 2022, We can probably expect the second season to arrive sometime in summer or autumn of 2023. 


The Lincoln Lawyer TV series brings Michael Connelly’s acclaimed novels to life, featuring a talented cast that breathes depth and authenticity into their characters. With Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson, Becki Newton as Lorna Taylor, Angus Sampson as Cisco, and Jazz Raycole as Izzy, the ensemble cast delivers compelling performances that keep audiences engaged.

In addition to their roles in The Lincoln Lawyer TV series, the cast members have demonstrated their acting prowess in various other projects, showcasing their versatility and range.

Whether you’re a fan of legal dramas, crime thrillers, or simply enjoy well-crafted storytelling, The Lincoln Lawyer TV series offers a gripping narrative filled with suspense, intrigue, and complex characters. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of Mickey Haller as he fights for justice in the courtroom.

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