Who will make cameos’s in Starstruck season 2?

Starstruck’s Emma Sidi teases guest cameos in season 2

Emma Sidi will be reprising the role of Kate – Jessie’s best friend – in Starstruck’s upcoming second season.

The comedian and actor on the celebrity cult, art imitating life, and why she had to apply for a character that was based on herself.

The first episode of BBC Three’s Starstruck season 2 aired last night with Rose Matafeo reprising the role of Jessie – a 20-something New Zealander who discovers after a one-night stand that she’s actually slept with a major movie star.

While fans of the show were excited to see Jessie, Tom (Nikesh Patel) and Cath (Minnie Driver) back on our screens, sitcom star Emma Sidi, who plays Kate, has teased some of the guest stars we can expect to make cameos.

Sidi updated us saying: “Russell Tovey’s in this series, he was really great. It was a really weird thing when he came on set because I was starstruck! Am I going to keep on saying the name of this show to describe how I feel all the time?

“And then also Jordan Stephens, who was originally in Rizzle Kicks. He plays a celebrity at the party and he is great.”

She continued: “He plays a young actor who’s just been working with George Clooney and through me, he kind of realises that maybe George Clooney was bullying him on set. Obviously, it’s not based on reality.

“Jordan, I think because he’s actually been kind of celebrity for well over a decade and had one foot in that world at all times, he brought a really interesting perspective to that character. It’s really funny to see on screen.”

Season 2 of Starstruck picks up where the previous finale left off, with Jessie deciding whether to go home to New Zealand or stay in the UK with Tom, while Kate finds herself torn between domesticated life with her boyfriend Ian (Al Roberts) and the celebrity lifestyle that comes with Tom.

“There is a moment actually where she has one step into the world of celebrity and is sort of tempted. I think Kate and Jessie are both characters that don’t really care about celebrity too much – that’s sort of their interesting position in this world.

“But there’s a celebrity part in episode 3 and Kate gets a bit of a taste for it, and in that moment has to work out does she want to go that way? Or is she going to stay true to Ian?”

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