Worzel Gummidge returns for three new episodes

Mackenzie Crook reunites with Toby Jones in new Worzel Gummidge

The show should already have aired one epoisde by delays have meant we will have to wait alittle longer.

We can now confirm that new episodes are indeed coming with not one, but three brand new episodes to enjoy. In perhaps even more exciting news, we don’t even have to wait that long to see them, as they will be airing later this year –presumably over the festive season, with at least one episode set to air next month.

The popular series is a reboot of the original series that starred Jon Pertwee and ran from 1979 until 1981. Worzel himself, Mackenzie Crook, said of the new episodes: “I’m thrilled to bring three new episodes of Worzel Gummidge to audiences this year and to announce the quite brilliant cast. We had a happy summer making these films and I hope some of that comes across on screen.”

“Worzel and the magical cast of characters that inhabit Scatterbrook are back once again, and we can’t wait for audiences to see what Mackenzie and the crew have brought to life in these new instalments. These wonderful films are exactly the comforting tonic we could all use right now!”

Guest stars for the new episodes are set to include Bill Bailey and Paul Kaye amongst many others.

The synopsis for episode one, titled Guy Forks, reads: “It’s the build-up to bonfire night and a new face has arrived in Scatterbrook. Worzel’s cousin, Guy Forks, has taken his rightful place at the top of the bonfire, but an argument between the old friends leads to a competition to prove who can do the other’s job better. With The Bonfire Night Committee distracted, Guy convinces Worzel to swap places, but it soon becomes clear that Worzel has bitten off more than he can chew. With Worzel stuck on top of the bonfire, John and Susan turn to Aunt Sally for help, but can they find a way to rescue Worzel before time runs out?”

The synopsis for second episode, titled Twitchers, reads: “After a raging thunderstorm, a flock of rare choughs turn up at Scatterbrook Farm. Keen to seize the opportunity of scaring such a rarely sighted bird, Worzel enlists the help of Susan and John. But their plans are soon scuppered once word of the choughs gets around, and a group of avid twitchers move in before he’s even had his chance. To make matters worse, the twitchers’ arrival forces Mr B to come to face to face with his old birdwatching rival, Lee Dangerman. With the twitchers refusing to leave, can the children come up with a plan to help scare the choughs and save Worzel and Mr B from embarrassment?”

And the third episode, titled Calliope Jane, has the following synopsis: “Susan and John are excited when they learn that F R Peregrine’s Travelling Fair is coming to Scatterbrook for one night only. But as much as he’d love to join his friends, Worzel can’t be seen wandering around by humans. He recalls the legend of a fairground with an enchanted organ. It’s believed that, with the right music, the organ has the power to send humans to sleep so that scarecrows can enjoy the rides without the fear of being seen.”

Excited? We will let you know when the episodes are set to air on BBC One as soon as a release date is confirmed.

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