Back To The Future’s Lea Thompson attends London production

American actress Lea Thompson attended the London production of Back To The Future The Musical last night this week and was impressed with the cast, stage and audience reaction, a rep told MarkMeets

Thompson, who made her name playing Lorraine Baines-McFly in the film trilogy of Back To The Future had her picture taken with the cast and also Amber Davies who portrays Lorraine Baines on stage.

Since appearing in the box-office hit trilogy over four decades ago, Thompson has amassed numerous credits including Dennis The Menace, The Beverley Hillbillies, Caroline In The City, Switched at Birth and The Spencer Sisters. Thompson is also the mother of actresses Madelyn Deutch (The Year of Spectacular Men) and Zoey Deutch (The Politician).

Back To The Future The Musical currently stars Tony Award-winning Roger Bart and Ben Joyce as ‘Doctor Emmett Brown’ and ‘Marty McFly’ respectively. Lead casting includes Amber Davies as ‘Lorraine Baines’, Oliver Nicholas as ‘George McFly’, Jordan Benjamin as ‘Goldie Wilson’, Harry Jobson as ‘Biff Tannen’, Sophie Naglik as ‘Jennifer Parker’, Gary Trainor as ‘Strickland’, Will Haswell as alternate ‘Marty McFly’ and ‘Dave McFly’ and Emma Lloyd as ‘Linda McFly’.

Also in the cast are Amy Barker, Simeon Beckett, Sia Dauda, Tyler Davis, Glen Facey, Dylan Gordon-Jones, Adam Margilewski, Cameron McAllister, Alessia McDermott, Bryan Mottram, Laura Mullowney, Anna Murray, Jon Reynolds, Melissa Rose, Georgia Tapp, Justin Thomas, Charley Warburton, Tavio Wright and Rhodri Watkins. Cory English will take over the role of Doc Brown from 20 March with Roger Bart leaving to star in the Broadway production.

Back To The Future The Musical recently announced a new booking period – tickets for the show at the Adelphi Theatre are now booking to Sunday 22 October 2023.

Book tickets to Back To The Future The Musical at the Adelphi Theatre.

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