Paranormal Activity: The Upcoming West End Play

In a thrilling twist, the beloved horror franchise “Paranormal Activity” is poised to transcend the silver screen and make its haunting presence felt on the West End stage. This exciting development is spearheaded by none other than West End producer Simon Friend, renowned for his successful ventures such as “Life of Pi” and “The Crown Jewels.” In collaboration with Paramount and Blumhouse, Friend has acquired the stage rights to this bone-chilling narrative, with the exceptionally talented Levi Holloway, known for “Grey House,” taking the reins as the playwright.

The Genesis of Paranormal Activity

Before we delve into the exhilarating prospects of this stage adaptation, let’s journey into the origins of the “Paranormal Activity” franchise. This multi-million-dollar sensation came to life through six heart-pounding movies, each installment building on the sinister foundation laid by the first film, meticulously crafted by director and writer Oren Peli. At its core, the narrative revolves around a hapless family ensnared in a nightmarish web spun by a malevolent demon.

Simon Friend: The Architect Behind the Curtain

Simon Friend, the visionary producer steering this project, has an impressive track record in the world of theater and film. Most notably, his Tony and Olivier award-winning stage adaptation of “Life of Pi” wowed audiences and critics alike. Friend’s prowess extends beyond the realm of adaptations, with his successful endeavors encompassing Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” and Deborah Moggach’s “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” His creative talents also shine on the silver screen, as exemplified by his production of the critically acclaimed movie “The Father,” featuring the incomparable Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins.

Presently, Friend’s West End repertoire boasts the captivating production “The Crown Jewels,” which recently played its final London performance at the Garrick Theatre before embarking on a nationwide tour. Friend’s Midas touch in the theater industry is undeniably a testament to his ability to bring compelling stories to life on stage.

Levi Holloway: Crafting the Paranormal Narrative

To breathe life into the eerie world of “Paranormal Activity,” Simon Friend has enlisted the creative genius of Levi Holloway. Known for the spine-tingling success of “Grey House,” Holloway has demonstrated a remarkable knack for weaving tales that send shivers down the audience’s spine. His exceptional storytelling skills and ability to create an atmosphere of suspense make him the perfect choice to adapt this iconic horror franchise for the stage.

The Mystery Unfolds

As of now, details regarding the specific dates, venues, and casting for the West End production of “Paranormal Activity” remain shrouded in secrecy. However, the anticipation surrounding this project is undeniably palpable. The prospect of experiencing the spine-tingling terror of the “Paranormal Activity” franchise live on stage is sure to send chills down the spines of theatergoers.

The Rise of Scary and Genre Plays

The adaptation of “Paranormal Activity” into a West End play arrives at a time when scary and genre-based productions are enjoying immense popularity. “2:22 A Ghost Story” has recently taken London by storm, captivating audiences with its bone-chilling narrative. The show’s successful run at the Apollo Theatre, followed by an upcoming tour, highlights the appetite for thrilling theatrical experiences.

Adding to the excitement is the impending arrival of “Stranger Things: The First Shadow” at the Phoenix Theatre in November. This stage adaptation promises to transport audiences to the enigmatic world of the hit television series “Stranger Things.”

Moreover, on the horizon is a highly anticipated stage adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel “The Shining.” This production, starring the illustrious Ben Stiller and under the direction of the acclaimed Ivo van Hove, promises to be a theatrical event like no other.

In this climate of heightened interest in suspenseful and genre-driven plays, “Paranormal Activity” is poised to make a significant impact on the West End theater scene.


In a world where the line between reality and the supernatural often blurs, “Paranormal Activity” has consistently pushed the boundaries of fear and suspense. Now, under the expert guidance of Simon Friend and the creative prowess of Levi Holloway, this iconic horror franchise is primed to take its place on the hallowed stages of London’s West End.

While the specifics of the production remain veiled in secrecy, the promise of a spine-tingling theatrical experience is enough to send shivers down the spines of eager theatergoers. As the West End continues to embrace the allure of scary and genre-based plays, “Paranormal Activity” is set to become a standout addition to this thrilling theatrical landscape.

Stay tuned for updates on dates, venues, and casting, as the “Paranormal Activity” stage adaptation prepares to deliver an unforgettable night of terror and suspense to the heart of London’s theater district. The spirits are stirring, and the stage is set for a paranormal encounter like never before.

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