10 Best Braid Hairstyles for Black Women in 2022

Braids have been around for centuries and are never going out of fashion. Not only are they beautiful to wear but they are also a great protective style. In this article, you will learn the benefits of wearing braids and the best braid hairstyles in 2022 for you.

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Why Should You Wear Braids?

  1. They Are Suitable for All Hair Types

It does not matter whether your hair type is straight, curly, coily, or wavy, you can rock braids in any hairstyle.

2. They Are Suitable for All Occasions

Braids are suitable for any occasion or event: work, corporate events, school, church, wedding parties, vacations, casual outings, you name them. You can rock your braids whenever to wherever. Similarly, you can rock them in any outfit of your choice: corporate, casual, party, or traditional attire.

3. They Last Long

It is true that having braids installed can be quite pricey and take hours to install. However, it is worth spending that much money on and sitting down for all those hours. This is because braids can last for weeks. You can leave your braids in for between 8 to 14 weeks. This helps you not to bother with styling your hair for a while. Also, you do not need to do much to maintain it.

4. They Are Low Maintenance

As stated already, you do not need to do much to maintain your braids. All you need to do is oil your scalp to keep it from getting dry, use mousse, and lay your edges to keep your braids looking fresh.

5. They Offer Many Styling Options

With braids, the styling options are endless. You can put them in:

  • Buns (high, low, and middle)
  • Two buns
  • Braided crowns
  • Ponytails Wraps, etc.

Also, with braids, you can get multiple different hairstyles, which you will be reading about now.

10 Best Braid Hairstyles

  1. Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are a type of braids hairstyle that does not begin at the roots of the hair. They were created using the feed-in technique: your natural hair is first braided to about ½ or 1 inch before the extension is added. This type of braid is painless because they do not require a tight hold on the hair roots. If you use the same extension color as your natural hair color for your knotless braids, you get a seamless natural look as the end result.

2. Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids are for ladies who do not like micro (tiny) braids. As the name implies, these are big braids. Your hair is divided into 12 – 18 sections and braided.

3. Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are thick raised cornrows. They are usually big in size and are suitable for women who do not like tiny braids.

4. Lupita Braids

Lupita braids are braided wigs created especially for ladies who love braids but do not have the patience to sit for hours to get one installed, battling hair problems that prevent them from getting their hair braided, or ladies who just want to try on a braided wig. This wig is fashionable and makes you appear more confident.

5. Ghana Braids

Ghana braids are thick cornrow braids that are braided straight back. They are suitable for ladies who desire a fuller and longer braids look.

6. Keke Braids

Keke braids are braided wigs that are made with curls in them. Furthermore, they come with cowrie beads to give off the African girl’s appearance. 

7. Passion Braids

Passion braids are a type of braids hairstyle created using two synthetic bundles: FreeTress Water wave hair and Freetress Pre-stretched Waterwave braiding hair. The end result is usually a butterfly kind of look.

8. Stitch Braids

Stitch braids are braids created by sectioning your natural hair into thick or thin horizontal lines before braiding. They end up giving you a beautifully unique look.

9. Bantu Knot Braids

This hairstyle involves putting your hair in box braids and then manipulating those box braids into Bantu knots. You can further decorate them with beads or cowries.

10. Ponytail Braids

You can do this in two ways: one by having your entire hair braided or by putting your natural hair in a bun, attaching a ponytail extension to it, and braiding it. Either way, ponytail braids are a beautiful braid hairstyle.

Braids are beautiful and you should have so much fun when you wear them.

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